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A Deeper Look

Linda Olson-Osterlund hosts this half hour interview show focusing on challenging social and political issues of our World today. Guests will include authors and activists writing and organizing around these issues. Tune in to get behind the headlines.       Read more

A Jazz World

The world was forced to say goodbye to the great David Lifton, the long-time host of this wonderful show, in December of 2015. His always-cheerful presence is sorely missed at KBOO. Article in PDX Jazz honoring the late David Lifton KBOO Memorial Tribute Show Read more

Africa On Fire!

Grace Kuto and Basko Kante are Africa On Fire! Elder Consultants. They lead Africa Roundtable editions of Africa On Fire! Roundtables generally air every other first Thursday. GRACE KUTO was raised a Quaker in Chwele, Kenya. She is the co-founder of Portland’s Harambee Cen... Read more

All Black Everything

post crunk trip hopped up on goofballs experi-mental-case based god goth with a splash of metal oh but only if the moog is right Read more

APA Compass

APA Compass is a collectively produced public affairs program.  Our mission is to provide a forum for dialogue, exploration, and dissemination of issues pertinent to Asian Pacific American (APA) communities; to unite, politicize and empower APAs; to raise awareness of socia... Read more

Blue Rhythm

Every Fifth Saturday from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Read more

Blues and More

Blues from an Afro-Centric perspective high-lighting the various forms the genre has taken and influenced. "Blues and More" will give you what the name implies: Blues by a variety of artists you would not normally associate with the Blues. . Read more

BOO Wire

This program will keep listeners informed about what's going on at KBOO, with a cavalcade of information, with a variety of volunteer and staff hosts. Read more

Caravan of Glam

Every 4th Tuesday from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Read more

Changeable Bulbs

  ---> Every other Thursday night (Friday morning) from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM. Funky music from all genres, spur of the moment vibes from live radio Beats, Dub, Live Sound Collage, New & Old music... hosted by DJ Paws Hands Read more

Circle A Radio

Circle A covers local, national and international issues, focusing on the voices of communities who, for political reasons, are not allowed a voice in the mainstream media. For more information email us, or continue to the Audio Tab to listen to our past shows.   The Cir... Read more

City of Women

  Every first and third Friday from 3:00 AM to 5:30 AM. Music voiced by those who identify as women with sonic, atomic sounds from cities everywhere. A special focus will be made on local bands,urban, electronica and noise. Read more

Dawnbreaker's Breakdown

Program retired in April 2016. Was every second and fourth Friday from 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM, alternating weekly with Lark in the Morning. Read more

Deezy Hours

2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturday from 3-6am Rap music from back then until now, though we are going to keep it new, with a main focus on up coming artists, but also good old stuff from time to time.   Tune in call in and check me out!! 18 and teaching at my high school I grad... Read more

Democracy in Motion

Second Friday of every month from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Read more

Desolo Luna Vox Theatrum

An annual (usually around late August or early September) four-hour-long variety show mixing live and pre-recorded performances of dada, surrealism, and many of their diverse offspring drawing on both classic and new material, all transposed for radio and performed by KBOO ... Read more

Environments Eastwest

Experience Points

To paraphrase Wikipedia, an experience point is a unit of measurement in role-playing games that quantifies a player's evolution. RPG players gain experience points as they complete quests and overcome obstacles. Life, too, is a game full of quests and obstacles, and we lea... Read more

Free Speech Radio News

Free Speech Radio News is an international worker-run collective of freelance reporters produces this daily newscast of news stories from around the world. Real news by real people -- hear the voices of those affected, in their own words, uncensored and straight from the ... Read more

Freeks n' Deeks

The DJ is a person in your neighborhood. When two get together, the listener benefits and the whole community prospers. All this summer, DJs Thurston Hungar and Slamantha Foxx roll through KBOO every other Friday to bring the sounds that make you think, smile, dance, weep;... Read more

guess who's coming to radio??!!

  ---> Every 2nd (7-10 pm) and 4th (8-10 pm) Thursdays. Radio as a liberatory tool...   This is a show with a goal to address the sociopolitical issues relative to African people and our experiences, in ways that promote positivity, awareness, and pro-activity.  We (who... Read more

Holland Hour

Sundays 9:00am to 10:00am.   This show alternates weekly with Italian Hour.   Read more

Infinite Beats

  --->   Exploring the atmospheric roots of jazz and electro. Surrealistic adaptations of classic albums, with skits, scenes, and spoken word abstracts Read more

International Women's Day 2016

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. At KBOO, we like to celebrate the achievements of women, as well as push for more parity, more recognition, and more equality for women and women identified folks in our community and in our world. If you are i... Read more

Intersections Radio

Greetings! A new show is coming to KBOO Community Radio and it is Intersections Radio! This show is hosted and produced by me, Sarika Mehta, with my partner-in-crime - Liz Rogers - engineering (that is, making us sound great!). Liz and I were a part of the amazing APA Compa... Read more

Interview with the producers of Tyke Elephant Outlaw

At Voices for the Animals we wanted to bring you news of an important film coming to the Portland Film Festival the first week of September. so we will air at an additional  one hour time slot on August 31st. at 11am  this month.  Join host Courtney Scott for this special p... Read more

It Takes A Village

The name of the new show, by veteran KBOO programmer, Shaheed Haamid It Takes A Village is from an old African proverb that recognizes the diversity, differences and unity needed to make a community work. It Takes A Village will attempt to examine some of the current politi... Read more

Ital Vibes

Featuring the Latest & Greatest in Jamaican Reggae Music, Dancehall & Reggae blazing into the late night, Live & Direct!!    Read more

Jùjú June: Yoruba music of Nigeria

today's program is dedicated to various musics of Yorubaland in southwestern Nigeria, focusing on the Jùjú, Sakara and Apala forms. Talking drums that perfectly mimic the Yoruba language, psychedelic guitars and melismatic vocals forming trance states, Arabic influenced mic... Read more

KBOO at Wizard World Comic Con!

  KBOO had a rad time at this year’s Wizard World Comic Con, held at the Oregon Convention Center, Feb. 19 - 21. Check out the links below to hear some great audio from the event, recorded by our crew: Pamela Santos, Jackie Malstrom, Just Jess and Jenna Yokoyama. More info... Read more

KBOO Board Candidate Forum

Hey KBOO Members – the annual election of KBOO’s Board of Directors is coming up on September 15th – this is your chance to have a say in the governance and direction of KBOO community radio.  To help you decide who to vote for, we’ve organized a series of forums with the c... Read more

KBOO Sunday News

This six month trial of the KBOO Sunday News summarizes the day's news, reviews the week's top stories, offers a forum for community members to discuss those stories, features current issues and follows up on previously reported stories. Read more

Keep Alive The Dream

On King Day, we broadcast the Keep Alive The Dream tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from 11:00 am until 6:30 pm. This pre-empts all public affairs, news, and music shows.   The photo, Friday, January 14, 2011 by U.S. Embassy New Delhi Read more


This show focuses on art and music in the local LGBTQ community. Read more

Liberation Radio

Liberation Radio brings you interviews, commentary and analysis of political developments and struggles affecting workers throughout the country. Read more

Mediterraneans: Music of the Middle East North Africa and Beyond

 "Mediterraneans: Music of the Middle East North Africa and Beyond" features music of all genres from across the Arab World, Turkey, Iran, Israel, and their European and New World diasporas. The show's repertoire includes classical Arabic instrumentals from medieval Spain (... Read more

Midnite Highway

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday Morning Midnight - 3am Early rock and roll, blues and rhythm for the road.  Read more

Mo is Shy, a KBOO docudrama of the Portland Christmas tree trial

One year ago, Mohamed Mohamud was found guilty of trying to blow up Portland's Pioneer Square Christmas Tree. His sentencing had been postponed several times, now indefinitely. KBOO reporter Joe Meyer attended every minute of the trial, wrote a script from his scribbled th... Read more

More Reggae

Retired in April 2017 Read more

Music Without Borders

  ---> Every Sunday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. Music Without Borders Read more

New Visions for Peace

I am committed to working for personal and global peace for all citizens and life in our world. On the NEW VISIONS FOR PEACE show, I will bring you information and inspiration for living a peaceful life. I believe that creating a harmonious world begins in each one of us an... Read more


  Video game music past and present presented with a healthy dose of ludology. Nintendon't is a KBOO podcast looking at PC and video game music ranging from the bleeps and bloops of what may or may not be your childhood to the modern hits of today with a wry perspective.... Read more

One Hundred Tacks Read more

Oregon Community Media

  Sporadically occurring collaborative effort of over 20 community radio stations in Oregon   Oregon Community Media: Independent community radio and media working in collaboration to better serve Oregon. OCM is composed of over 20 local and independent community broad... Read more

Out Loud

Out Loud retired in 2015 - but Queer programming continues on KBOO! Here's the new lineup:   1st Tuesday of the month: Transpositive PDX 2nd Tuesday and 5th Tuesday - Preference - hosted by Alan Silver 3rd Tuesday - Darion and Justin host QTPOCTalk KBOO is proud of our... Read more

Peltier Justice Ride

Produced for Radiozine
  KBOO volunteer Christopher Francisco is traveling and providing KBOO updated news and broadcasts with the Peltier Justice Ride 2016, a group riding from Oregon to Washington, DC, July 12-24, 2016.   The ride is dedicated to creating awareness of the injustice Leonard Pel... Read more

Pickle Feather Express

Every Friday from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM. Read more

Poetic License

  --->   Every first Monday from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Poetic License: The liberty taken by an artist/writer in deviating from conventional rules to produce a desired effect.  In this one hour show, the first Monday of every month, Turiya will explore the spoken word art... Read more

Puppet Radio Theatre

Radio Sketch Comedy like Grandma used ta make. But with Puppets! Real honest ta god puppets! Read more


    Program on Portland’s Queer and Trans Communities of Color The show features two local members of Portland’s Queer and Trans Communities of Color (QTPOC).  The goal is to increase support for Portland’s Queer and Trans Communities of Color and the intersectionality ... Read more

Red Eye Sunrise

  ---> Airs 12:00am (midnight) to 3:00am Wednesdays. Alternates weekly with Somethin or Other. Night Music "A Late Night Radio Show that plays Night Music: Music that wakes up when the sun goes down Music that sounds like the electronic building blocks of society Music th... Read more

Shirley Surtan's Lively Experiment

Smart ALEC Oregon

Produced for Smart ALEC Oregon
  KBOO received a grant from the Fund for Investigative Journalism to do an investigation on the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, in Oregon. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 charitable organization t... Read more

Sounds of Awareness

Sounds of Awareness is an interview program discussing life style, education, social and legal issues, housing, health care, and employment, and how these impact people with disabilities and the community at large. Paul Van Dyck produces and hosts this 30-minute, disabilit... Read more

Space Bunny Radio

Bipolar host ren Green interviews real people about their real disorders. Read more

Start-Up City

A 5-week series on how the new technology boom is changing Portland Read more

Steam Radio Syndicate

Sounds and stories from the deck of the UV746 Tugboat on the Willamette River. Read more

Sudden Radio Project

  --->   Last Monday of every month, 11:00pm to 12:00am.   Sudden Radio Project - Theater     Tune in the Fourth Monday of every month for a new episode!     Read more

The Asterism Rest Area

Fridays from 12:00am (midnight) to 3:00am. Alternates weekly with The Sacred Circle "Temenos" It's Infinitely Late at're still Awake?  Perhaps barely waking...  Whatever the reason, tune into the Rest Area for an ever-changing mix of popular song, noise, an... Read more

The Bat Cave

"I'll drink up all the Hennessy you got on your shelf, so just let me introduce myself..." Read more

The Firesign Theatre Radio Hour

Each episode, we'll play a show from The Firesign Theater's classic Dear Friends era (1970 to 1972) of radio broadcasts, which started out with The Firesign Theater Radio Hour Hour (Originally on KPPC-FM in 1970), which begat Dear Friends ( KPFK in 1970-1971), which begat L... Read more

The Hollywood Murders: A Day in May

Produced for Evening News
KBOO News Special Program Read more

The Lecture Room

Host Mel Reslor bring you recorded lectures in and around Portland Read more

The Outside World

Every Saturday from 12:00am (midnight) to 3:00am.  Read more

The River Signal

We're Galen, Reid, and Brian, three friends living in Portland, Oregon. This June, we're going to cram into a boat the size of a dorm room and head down the Mississippi. And as we go, we'll write, record and broadcast an original radio story.   This story, The River Signal... Read more

The State of Cannabis

The Union of Time Thieves

The Union of Time Thieves is a show dedicated to looking at the world through the lens of the Situationist International. We deal in all variety of radio expression: live music, interviews, audio collage, reading parties, more. We have a website: check it out! The Union of... Read more

Treasures From The KBOO Archives

 Retired as of July 2016 1st Wednesday of the month from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.  On this monthly program we feature Treasures from the KBOO Public Affairs Archive Please help us preserve these audio gems! Every first Wednesday of the month from 6 - 7 pm, we present progra... Read more

Tune In, Turn On and Remember

A monthly series that ran throughout the year 2013 – KBOO’s 45th anniversary year - stories about KBOO history from those who were part of the early days of KBOO. Read more

Ubu Hour

  The Ubu Hour, inspired by Alfred Jarry's absurdist Ubu plays, airs experimental radio theater with dada/Surreal elements Read more

Water World

Produced for Water World
Please join Me, Kristin Yount, for a monthly discussion about water policy and politics. Privatization, assumed and official water rights, ignored treaties, industrial pollution threaten our water supplies. More than ever the health of our aquatic biome must be addressed. O... Read more

Wisdom of the Elders

Wisdom of the Elders Radio Program  is a series of eight one-hour radio programs from Native America, continue to air on native radio stations nationwide on Native Voice One via It also continues to be available online from our website. The radio series was pro... Read more