The KBOO Youth Collective

The KBOO Studio is back open! Reach out to us to make an appointment 

Call our office at (503)231-8032 or email your staff contact person

The KBOO Youth Collective is in the process of being built back up. If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please contact Nate at Thank you!


The KBOO Youth Collective hosts The Underground, a public affairs show on youth issues, which aired (prior to the pandemic) on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 6-7pm

We also host the Youth edition of 1-2-1-2, focusing on hip hop and other youth-produced music selected by our youth DJs. We also have bands perform live on this program. It aired (prior to pandemic) on the second Friday of each month, from 8-10pm


The KBOO Youth Collective provides an opportunity for youth under the age of 21 years to gain skills in radio broadcasting that is in the context of an ongoing community radio station, KBOO. We offer a safe and supportive setting where young people from all walks of life can gather to share their ideas amongst themselves as well as learn the technical skills needed to broadcast their thoughts, concerns and talents to the larger community.

Young people learn the basic skills of recording, audio editing, and engineering so that their messages are youth driven and youth determined. Being part of the larger radio community also enables the young people to branch out and form mentor relationships with more experienced adult programmers at the station to further develop their skills and interests. Producing radio is an exacting task that helps the young people involved to increase self-confidence, communication skills, critical thinking skills, computer literacy, time management skills, personal responsibility, and gives them the opportunity to work as part of a team to produce a final product.

The KBOO Youth Collective believes that providing young people the opportunity to have their Voices on the Air empowers them to become informed, contributing, and engaged members of our community.


Here is an archive of our past shows.






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