Program Proposals

Thank you for your interest in becoming a programmer at KBOO!

Please fill out the form below along with a 15 minute sample of your proposed program!

Although openings may be scarce at times, we are always accepting applications for all subjects and genres.

Proposals will be reviewed by Program Staff, and/or the Program Advisory Committee. Approved Proposals will be kept on file by the Program Director.

*Please note that during the pandemic and in-station shutdown, programmers are prerecording their shows remotely. Pre-producing a show can be more labor intensive than live programming.

Having access to the airwaves is a privilege and requires that everyone lend a hand to keep the station running!

Before you apply for a show at KBOO, Please consider the On-Going Responsibilities of a KBOO Programmer:

1.) Keep your contact information up to date.

  • Coming soon, we are implementing a new volunteer managements system called Galaxy! We ask that all volunteers keep their Galaxy profile up to date.
  • Be sure to inform your staff point person directly if your main source of contact (i.e. email) changes.

2.) Communicate with your Staff Point Person as needed.

  • Your Staff Point person will either be the Program Director [PD] or the Public Affairs Director [PAD], depending on your program's format and time slot.
  • This means that you return emails as needed and keep them informed if you are unable to fulfill your obligations.
    • i.e. If you are sick and unable to produce your upcoming show, inform the PAD/PD as soon as possible, so they can find a substitution.
    • i.e If you are part of a collective, and a host leaves the show or wishes to join, notify the PAD/PD, so they can keep their records up to date.

3.) Read the All Volunteer Email Newsletter

  • The first week of every month, staff sends out an All Volunteer Newsletter. The bottom segment of the newsletter is designated for important information for Show Hosts.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you are on the mailing list and that you read the newsletter all the way through.

4.) Attend the All Programmer Meetings

  • Every Spring and Fall, Staff meets with the show hosts to prepare for the upcoming membership drive. We share the state of the station, drive themes, pitching points, and other updates.We always provide multiple dates to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

5.) Attend the FCC Basics: Legal Issues in Radio Training Annually

  • We ask that all Programmers take this course, once a calender year, to stay refreshed on FCC guidelines.

6.) Create an Episode Page for each upcoming show

  • If you are a DJ, you are also required to fill out a Spinitron Playlist
  • (We provide training and guidance)

7.) Volunteer 24 Hours a Year outside your Program

8.) Maintain an up to date Show Promo

  • Each show has a short on-air announcement, informing listeners about their program and the day/airtime. You'll only have to update this promo occasionally. (i.e If a host joins/leaves the show, program moves timeslot, changing show format)

Feeling intimidated by the commitment? No worries! We have plenty of opportunities for commitment free programming. AudioPilot and Radiozine are KBOO's Music and Public Affairs timeslots dedicated to giving new programmers a chance to test out the airwaves. Email if you are interested in creating an Audiopilot or for a Radiozine!
You can also produce special pieces or editorials for Special Programming Days! To be informed of programming opportunities, ask the Volunteer Coordinator to sign you up for the Volunteer Newsletter!

Please note that if you have not been onboarded as a KBOO volunteer, then you will be expected to attend a Virtual Orientation and FCC Legal Training to participate as an On-Air Volunteer.

Ready to submit your Program Proposal? Here is the form!