KBOO Staff Directory


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KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.




Jezaniah Hawthorne
Program Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: program[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x221


Ender Black
Public Affairs Director
Pronouns: he/him
Email: publicaffairs[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x202


Althea Billings
News Director
Pronouns: she/her
Email: newsdirector[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x203



Volunteer Engagement



Nathaniel Capp
Volunteer Coordinator
Pronouns: he/him
Email: volunteer[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x213






Nathan Vandiver
Station Manager
Pronouns: he/him 
Email: manager[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x224


Zale Chadwick
Administrative Assistant
Pronouns: she/her or they/them
Email: admin[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x222


Danielle Schira
Pronouns: she/her 
Email: accounting[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x222



Membership and Development



Michael Ftaclas
Data Coordinator
Pronouns: he/him or they/them
Email: data[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x204


Phil Garfinkel
Underwriting Coordinator
Pronouns: he/him
Email: underwriting[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x219


Tech/Web and Engineering



Arthur Rizzotto
Chief Engineer
Pronouns: he/him or they/them
Email: engineer[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x223


Michelle Kitt
Web Coordinator
Pronouns: she/her or they/them
Email: web[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x201





Volunteer Staff

Brandon Lieberman
Rock Music Director (volunteer)
Ponouns: he/him
Email: rockmd[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x504


Brendan Reyes
Urban Music Director (volunteer)
Pronouns: he/him
Email: urbanmd[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503-231-8032 ext. 222

Sun Lee
Promotions/Tickets Coordinator (volunteer)
Pronouns: he/him
Email: promotion[at]kboo.fm
Telephone: 503.231.8032 x207

KBOO is a union shop - all regular, non-interim employees are represented by CWA Local 7901.