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A Message from KBOO's Board President KatMeow Garcia

You can be a member of the KBOO Board!

  Have you been thinking about furthering your involvement with KBOO Community Radio?  HOW TO BECOME A BOARD MEMBER trainings to be held in Feburary 2023 Wednesday, 2/8 at 6:00pm Tuesday, 2/23 at 5:30pm   RSVP to Jill Blanchard at / 503-381-7591 to o... Read more

AudioPilot and Radiozines!

Are you interested in testing out the airwaves without the commitment of an on-going program? Look no further! We have designated timeslots on the program schedule just for you! AudioPilot is for music programs, where new DJs get to spin a 1-2 hour set. Coordinated by the P... Read more

Volunteer Opportunities

  Hello Programmers! We have received many requests for a more descriptive list of all the ways a Program Host can earn their 2 hours of Volunteer Time a month outside their program. I would like to first note what duties are required of all programmers and does NOT coun... Read more

Programmers: Help us Highlight your Program

  Hello Programmers! If you would like your program highlighted in a public newsletter, please start filling out your episode pages on the website! The development team can then easily summarize and share the engaging content you have created! On top of the newsletter, w... Read more

The Responsibilities of a KBOO Programmer

  Having access to the airwaves is a privilege and requires that everyone lend a hand to keep the station running! Here are the On-Going  Responsibilities of a KBOO Programmer: 1.) Keep your contact information up to date in KBOO's volunteer management system (Galaxy). P... Read more

Making your Evergreen Show Promo

  We ask that all Programs maintain an Evergreen Show Promo. Promos (or Carts) are the short announcements that air between shows. "Evergreen" means that there is nothing mentioned in the promo that could become outdated for airplay. (i.e. current events) An Evergreen Show ... Read more

Where to Download Audacity 2.4.2

  The free, open-source software Audacity has recently been purchased by Muse Group. Under this new ownership the privacy agreement has changed (the latest versions of Audacity potentially include spyware!). Versions of Audacity prior to 3 do not contain this install. KBOO... Read more

KBOO'S Let's Talk About Race (LTAR) takes home national and international audio content awards in 2021

    Portland, OR, December 13 2021 —Let’s Talk About Race , an intergenerational, roundtable discussion of independent national journalists who engage in  rigorous conversations and analysis of news coverage regarding the role race plays in politics, government, the  econ... Read more

KBOO Volunteer Instructions for Producing from Home

For information on how to record your show from home, including how to upload your finished program, we at KBOO Community Radio are here to help!   KBOO staff are offering tech support office hours online, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 2 to 4 pm to help you with... Read more