AudioPilot and Radiozines!


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Published date: 
Thursday, July 28, 2022 - 11:33am

Are you interested in testing out the airwaves without the commitment of an on-going program? Look no further!
We have designated timeslots on the program schedule just for you!

AudioPilot is for music programs, where new DJs get to spin a 1-2 hour set. Coordinated by the Program Director.
Radiozines are the Public Affairs equivalent, typically 1/2 hour to an hour in duration. Coordinated by the Public Affairs Director.

To get your On-Air Qualifications, you'll need to take the following virtual trainings:
-Volunteer Orientation (More information Here)
-FCC Basics: Legal Issues in Radio

Once you have completed the trainings and signed the Volunteer agreement and the On-Air Contract, you are ready for broadcast!


➪As of 2022, the station is still partially shutdown, so Audiopilots/Radiozines are only being produced remotely at this time. (Live Board Op Trainings are coming soon!)


The following virtual classes are not required, but if you don't already have audio editing skills, we can train you!

-Introduction to Audio Editing
-Intermediate Audio Editing

Here are the file specifications for submitting an episode:

- File Types: WAV, MP3, or FLAC
- File Duration for Radiozines: The program should be less than 2 minutes of the allotted timeslot (a 30 minute program should be a 28 minute file)
- File Duration for AudioPilots: The file should be the full duration of the allotted timeslot, however the last 5 minutes should be music.
(This is to account for the file potentially being cut off at the end of the timeslot)
-Name the audio file accordingly:

- Date_AudioPilot/Radiozine_Episode Name_(clean/Explicit)_Your Name

i.e. 7_28_22 AudioPilot Dance Trap with DJ CV (Explicit) - Tom Hanks

- If you coordinated with a staff person in advance, they should let you know the broadcast date, However an AudioPilot/Radiozine can always be scheduled after submission too.

In that case, label the date as the date of submission.

The Episode Name can be whatever you like! This just helps us identify the file easily.


Here's the next steps to submitting an episode for airplay:

1.) Reach out to the Program Director or Public Affairs Director with the following details: Duration, topic/genre, and whether it is clean or explicit. This will help determine scheduling. The PD/PAD will let you know when it will broadcast.

2.) Submit the audio file to this google form. Please note that you need to select which folder to drop your file into (One is for Clean audio, the other is for Explicit - Safeharbor)

3.) Email the PD/PAD with a blurb about the episode. It can be a sentence or multiple paragraphs! This will allow us to promote it on the website! You are also welcome to share a photo to go on the episode page. However, the photo must be copyright free.

-Pro Tips: create a graphic yourself on canva or paints! Or use a royalty free image search tool! (Be sure to provide the text that credits the creator)
-Feel free to share the episode link on social media! You can Tag KBOO to amplify your audience.

4.) To comply with copyright laws, we'll also need you to submit your playlist that includes the following info for each song you broadcast:

- Start Time, Duration, Artist, Song Title, Release/Album, Label

-Spreadsheets work great!


Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

For AudioPilot, contact

For Radiozine, contact