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Fri, 12/25/2020 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black - Musician, Galactic Liason for Earth Protocols of Galactic Interaction

On this last episode of the year 2020 of the Gregorian Calendar (Rome, 1500s, currently internationally recognized civil calendar), I bring you my dear opinion on the current situation of our planet. On the first hour, I focus on the value of animal beings and how their pain comes back to us in one way or another given the interconnectedness of all lifeforms that pervades the universe. One of the tenets of my intellectual and spiritual discourse, is the awareness of this super network of biologicals and tap into it in a manner that enables me to experience this connection for the welfare of our body of human consciousness. This is so because of the concept of interconnectedness of life forms in the universe, so if I make this connection then indirectly you're also making the connection. And then we can evolve together and avoid withering into tragedy. This work is done by many mystics, priests, sages and monks from many different backgrounds and religious preferences.


With That being said... "-)   Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Solstice !!! Things will get a little crazy in the upcoming weeks and months, but we can handle it. 2020 taught us how to handle new, unexpected, extreme and neccessary collective behaviors and information. Part of what I do on this episode is seeding your mind with a powerful reminder: you are part of the galaxy. ---- I speak to you about Star Law, and the role of galactic super nations in aiding during protocols of galactic law enforcement. ---- At the moment, at the end of this special year, it is impossible for me to actually tell you how things are supposed to unfold, because any interaction with our star family will happen on a multiplicity of dimensions and systems outside the limitations of our time/space parameters. Therefore, things will unfold when they unfold and how they unfold. ---- The easiest and most effective way to connect to our star family, is through religious practices such as prayer and meditation, and connect to the higher dimensions by imagining our source of origin. ----  I also give you thoughts about free will, global banking ineffectiveness, and the massive resource of embracing at least some basic spirituality, however ideally a grander spirituality that connects you up to the source of the cosmos, as well as down here with our local ecosystems and all the beings that make up whatever ecosystem you inhabit. By appreciating the fabric of existence, and even more, by revering this blue and green fabric of existence, with the million of animal beings making it come alive, we do our best for ourselves and the world. ---- Regardless of what you do though, remember you are part of a truly ancient galaxy that loves you more than you can ever imagine and that would literally move heaven and earth to make you happy!!

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