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Airs at: Fri, 06/28/2024 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
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Join Ender Black for a 2 hour spirit device, every 4th Friday, 8-10pm PST


This is a galactic radio show, broadcast throughout the galaxy as part of the Ongoing Protocols of Galactic Interaction. --- Down the rabbithole of Consciousness and Existence we go! --- We live on a backwards, predator/prey reality system, totally anomalous with the norm throughout creation. Earth has been a colony and quite the rough adventure and experience to all beings. We understand this, and accept the Truth is not present here. But this is surely a crazy adventure. --- On Squirrels Know, we go in depth with everything you need to know about **Galactic Awareness**, and the nature of our colossal galactic alliance --- Many names for a massive, heavenly, multi-dimensional, family oriented institution that oversees the protection of this galaxy. A galactic union. A magical one that is, from our Earthican perspective. --- We also bring **Animal Awareness** to the forefront , and what that means for us, and what that can do for our evolution and spiritual enlightenment. We celebrate and remind you of the immense value of our animal friends as teachers, guides and connections to the infinite. Beings able to embody wisdom without words; if you enable yourself to quiet your busy bee human mind and listen to the infinite in the eyes of an animal. --- Planet Earth is part of a massive network of beings of all kinds, animal and human, who protect life forms, first by protecting free will, then by subtly assisting and integrating. From that point on, it's straight up magic. The layers and motions of consciousness reverberate throughout space and time with the sound of solar flares in vacuum. --- We are connected with all the rest of the beings in the galaxy; we are not alone. We're part of a cosmic system. There is intention to our existence. ---- >>> If you're looking for far out, or perhaps simply a subtle moment of depth, welcome to Squirrels Know. We will provide you with cosmic topics currently outside the confines of mainstream media and conventional culture. A bit like how things used to be in the Americas -spiritually and intellectually speaking-, with a solid 21st century touch. 

On Squirrels Know, we will do our best to play songs that can effectively uplift the spirit and untame the mind, heightening your awareness of this moment you're alive and facilitate our mutual triumph in existence.

With the aid, support and protection of our galactic allies, we are achieving our best possibilities.
And the Earth-Sascagewa Bridge these two ⤋ are building...  you are going to absolutely love it!



Special thanks to the KBOO Foundation and the Marla Davis Fund for making this show possible


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 Next broadcast on June 28th 2024, 8:00pm PST

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