Ender Black

Ender Black - Musician, Galactic Liason for Earth Protocols of Galactic Interaction
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Musician, Galactic Liaison

I want to provide you with critical data regarding the establishment of a more advanced democracy for the Earth guided by tried and old galactic principles of enlightenment. ----- Yup :)

My radio content is one of the most trustworthy sources regarding what I have termed the *Protocols of Galactic Interaction on Earth*. — This process is almost incomprehensible for us and extremely difficult to define accurately, mainly because any interaction with the numerous galactic governments and associations would take place in a multiplicity of dimensions and scenarios outside the parameters of our time/space. All I can give you is estimates and infererences, which can effectively awaken or activate your own innate connection with the greater cosmic web of intelligence.

The animal beings are enlightening to me. In my humble opinion, the animal beings are the most perfect and ideal carriers of Spirit (consciousness, sentience). We get our whole purpose as human beings by watching them and protecting them. You can learn everything you could ever learn from simply observing precious animals. If you could only quiet your mind and embrace this Organic Network we are all blessed to be part of. The animal kingdom has been ignored, undervalued and misunderstood for too long. I vow to push for the enforcement of Galactic Law with the highest rate of planetary effectiveness. —— ❀

Also, let's face it. There are too many bad apples running amock in the world. Too much injustice, inequality, disorder, lawlessness. They all must be stopped with SHOCK AND AWE. I want all fellow Earth citizens to know we are not alone, and that the galaxy does indeed care about us! We’re one, big family! —— God bless planet Earth!
I am very excited about the new prospects for Earth, and the re-integration with our neighboring galactic nations. It won't be easy to begin this process, or even to properly explain things at this point, much less adapt to unprecedented yet exceedingly positive global regulations, however it is crucial to at least entertain the concept that there are many star laws that our planet has been violating for a very long time. This is of course a no no and cannot be allowed indefinitely, and we can all intuitively agree.

Free will is the most magnanimous gift and right that we have. However, in order to protect all lifeforms on planet Earth, certain basic tenets of star law must be enacted. As we might expect, star law is *celestial* in nature, so we can be sure that these are not laws of men, but laws of God. ---- At least, take a moment to stop and let this idea sink in. The answer is clear, deep in the core of your being.

I love music, and have been in bands, writing songs and playing shows for a very long time. I wrote my first song when I was 6 years old, on an old eMac running Garageband very very slowly. My biggest dream is to see all ecosystems on the planet being protected to the fullest extent with awesome galactic technology!! I want to see animals being happy and feeling safe, and this feeling will translate to our human experience because of the interconnectedness of consciousness that is embedded in the fabric of the universe. I want to see justice being served and our entire global financial system be upgraded to be a public utility! ---- My other biggest dream is to play and record music with awesome people on the surface, the inner realms and in orbit!!

❂ Hurray for Earth ❂ Hurray For The Granting Of Rights To All Animal Beings ❂ Hurray for The Protection Of The Human Spirit ❂

❂ Hurray for a new reality where humanity lives in balance with the Earth ❂

Regardless of what I call the "Upside Down Reality" we have been living in for so long (YIKES!).... I still think it makes sense to feel happy about the present and the future. I see wondrous potential for ourselves and our planet. >>> How is it going to play out? --- Well. We can't possibly know but 💫 we'll definitely feel it in our bones 💫 --- You can be sure of it.

❂ I want all of us to witness the massive efforts now ongoing in our solar system and our entire sector ❂

Hey! ;-) If you like sci-fi, philosophy, spirituality, futurism, vibes, animals and nature, then you'll love me and whatever I'll be doing bridging dimensions ㋛

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