Interview with elder Uqualla, Havasupai Tribe

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Fri, 10/23/2020 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black with elder Uqualla
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Join Ender Black on an exclusive interview with elder Uqualla, a true expert on the topics we discuss on Squirrels Know. --- We will be talking about awesome and all-encompassing subjects, such as the magnificent cosmic transition we're going through on the planet, as well as the nature of star people, and how they're more connected to us and our planet than most of us might even imagine. --- The beauty and perfection of planet Earth, and the massive value of all lifeforms, are all explored during this interview. --- The benefits of Staying On The Positive --- Appreciation of all life forms, regardless of molecular structure; they all carry my spirit, our spirit, the great spirit. --- The merit of maintaining, safeguarding ancient knowledge. --- The blessing of being able to carry your lineage no matter where you are, everywhere you go --- "Sometimes, Mother Earth will put you in a place for a specific reason, maybe you are needed there, your thoughts are needed there." --->>> Have you ever wanted to sit in on a conversation with a real Native American elder, medicine man and wisdom keeper? Well, you got it! 

Uqualla is a medicine man, intuitive, lecturer, workshop facilitator, ceremonial life coach, wisdom keeper and of course, a superb two-legged!  

As a recognized ceremonial entity and spiritual advisor, Uqualla is called to officiate unions, birth, blessings and healings. Tools of the spirits, eagle feathers, medicine plants, drums, gourds, fire, water, assist in the needed healings, awakenings and transformations. Some call him a medicine man, sage, storyteller, wisdom keeper and priest. 

Uqualla's journey has blessed him with divine meetings of spiritual leaders, tribally, nationally and globally, and his Sacred Oratory, a lecture, is heard through out Japan, Europe, South America, and the United States. --- Eons of ancestors have brought wisdom and teachings still very much relevant for the present times and people.

Join us for a one of a kind conversation with one of the most active and successful Native American elders available!


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