Squirrels Know on 08/23/19

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Fri, 08/23/2019 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black
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This episode is focused and inspired by the seriously and alarmingly devastating fire in our precious and invaluable Amazon Rainforest. This year has been a major blow to Mother Earth with this fire, which is decimating sacred land day by day. It can't get any worse than this!  This fire is the signal that we are sending to outer space that we are not doing well at all!  We must remember, the Amazon Rainforest is ours to protect! I must reiterate, The Amazon Rainforest has nothing to do with the country of Brazil. It has to do with all people throughout the world and it belongs to all of us. It is our sacred responsibility to be aware of the critical importance of this primary global ecosystem, and also be cognizant that we will have to conduct thorough audits and investigations regarding the possible colusion between local Brazilian governments and private companies. It is very likely there are well-funded groups who are letting this happen and feeding this fire in order to create room for agriculture and development. Literally, every hectare of space means profit for these individuals, as well as an opportunity to further develop the economy. Regardless of their true intentions, which might be very positive, this is behavior that cannot be tolerated anymore.


This is Squirrels Know! A place for the GenZ Super Consciousness to build on its strength so we can become the true caretakers this worlds requires and deserves.  

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