The Animal Beings

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Fri, 07/23/2021 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black - Squirrels Know

On this episode, we focus on the value of our fellow beings that inhabit our planet with us.

With a heavy heart, filled with optimism and enthusiasm, but also pain and disappointment, we remind you that the global situation we are in is reaching emergency proportions, and this is nothing short of being simply the most serious situation we have ever faced in the entire recorded history of our planet. ---- None of us is ignorant of the fact our global society is upside down. So much injustice, inequality and imbalance in virtually every facet of our global experience. We want to remind you that the manner we've been collectively treating our fellow beings, the animal beings, has become absolutely unacceptable. We've been living under very poor global leadership for too long, and no matter how many warnings and passionate speeches numerous brilliant activists put out, the governments of the world have not come up with any clear mechanism to tackle the situations we have at hand. --- We cannot continue our current process of global self-destruction. There is too much at stake. Our societies are at stake, our futures are at stake, and the beings that make our planet come alive, are all at stake. Our unchecked human activities continue to wreak havoc, and this must be addressed with absolute exigency. --- It seems we have not tried and fixed the core problems in our planet's management, because we are not a unified planet where we accept we are together and must work together for a common goal. We're all separate nations with separate agendas, and private interests of massive influence and power continue to be allowed to overwhelm the efforts of anyone trying to do the right thing for ourselves and our planet. It seems things have been locked in on our little blue sphere, and there is no infrastructure that can give us the opportunity to mandate critical changes for all nations at once.

This is when things get cosmic. This is where the concepts of Galactic Law and Supreme Consciousness come into place. This is where the idea of Love and Illumination comes alive. --- With the aid, support and protection of our galactic allies, we will finally be able to enforce magnificent adjustments to the way we interact with ourselves and our ecosystems. 

Tune in for some excellent music by artists such as Ages and Ages, Xit and Thi'sl, as well as superb words by activists Xiye Bastida, Greta Thunberg, Genesis Butler and Hudson Tarlow. You will also be treated to great commentary and opinion by counselor Cherokee Billie and filmmaker Caroline Cory. --- Our fellow beings in this world deserve our respect and appreciation, and by accessing our highest moral capacities, we will in turn be bettering our own lives, given the nature of our universe, i.e. the interconnectedness of all lifeforms; the magnificent Spirit that flows through all of us, and all lifeforms: the quantum field of consciousness. --- We're going through a magnificent transition, and it'll be good, and most importantly, some of the stuff we're going to make happen, although fantastic, are ultimately critically necessary. 

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