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Richard's Day

Airs at: Tue, 08/08/2017 at 3:00am - 5:30am
Produced for Vinyl Pajama Party

Radio Lost and Found for 8/10/17

Airs at: Thu, 08/10/2017 at 10:00pm - Fri, 08/11/2017 at 12:00am
Produced for Radio Lost and Found
This week's guest had to bail.  I'll be doing a regular episode of Radio Lost & Found instead. It'll be fun. You'll see!   Read more

Sean The Bus Driver Plugged In on 08/04/17

Airs at: Fri, 08/04/2017 at 10:00pm - Sat, 08/05/2017 at 12:00am
Produced for Plugged In

Morning Glory Snap on 07/31/17

Airs at: Mon, 07/31/2017 at 3:00am - 5:30am
Produced for Morning Glory Snap
"Bruca Manigua" Ibrahim Ferrer, Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer "De Colores" Children of the School of Santa Isabel, East Los Angeles, accompanied by Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles, Rolas de Aztlan: Songs of the Chicano Movement "Lulac Cadillac" Trio Ca... Read more

Radio Lost and Found for 7/27/17

Airs at: Thu, 07/27/2017 at 10:00pm - Fri, 07/28/2017 at 12:00am
Produced for Radio Lost and Found
Radio Lost and Found is back with another episode. It's all rather episodic, innit? Read more

Remembering Thor Lindsay with some Neo Boys on Drinking From Puddles...

Airs at: Wed, 07/26/2017 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Produced for Drinking from Puddles
   Although more widely known for his role in bringing some of Portland's best selling-ever rock artists to fame, his curated late 1990's record label (T/K or Tim Kerr Records) and his friendship with Kurt Cobain of Nirvana (what is probably the last picture taken of Kurt a... Read more

Pierre Henry

Airs at: Mon, 07/24/2017 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Produced for A Different Nature

Ep.7 Chillin with Chili

Airs at: Sun, 07/23/2017 at 2:45am - 3:30am
Produced for Peace, Love and Soup
July 2017 - This month we’re doing things differently -- we’re chillin!    We’re dedicating the entire episode to Tom Hood (Tommy Hollywood), Chief Engineer at KBOO radio. A man of many talents — Chili Champ, Composer, Producer, Humorist & all around nice guy— deserves thi... Read more

Episode 235: A PDX Pop Now! Special

Airs at: Sun, 07/16/2017 at 12:00am - 3:00am
Produced for Back To The Egg
PDX Pop Now! is a non-profit organization dedicated to stimulating and expanding participation in Portland music. Each year they hold a free 3-day music festival featuring nothing but Portland bands. This year's festival runs July 21-23. You should go, it is always fantast... Read more

Drinking from Puddles on 07/12/17

Airs at: Wed, 07/12/2017 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Produced for Drinking from Puddles