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Dear Celeste,

I am sorry to have caused any friction in trying to answer your welcome call for nuance in addressing Homeless issues and plans for remediation. Resolution may be too much to ask for. However, my PUSH for the public screenings of PUSH the Swedish documentary film in English language continues on just such nuanced plans, where they have been tried and how the Cost\Benefit studies shake out. I can be contacted via my home Beaverton listed landline phone (503) 645-6374 and via my email newsletter's contact address: Mitch Ritter via .
PUSH - ( some excerpts from the documentary )
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Some excerpts from the documentary "PUSH" (2019) (full doc @ "Push | TVO Docs" on YouTube)

Exploring why people cannot be allowed to live in cities... The high cost of housing and global investment funds that push people to poverty and strip them of a fundamental human right.

Producers: Fredrik Gertten, Margarete Jangard

Director: Fredrik Gertten

From Knowledge Network Aired Feb. 2, 2021

Full documentary can be seen here "Push | TVO Docs" on YouTube:
• Push | TVO Docs

Thanks for viewing!

That is only a first step to staging the sorts of TOWN HALL meetings (hopefully aired over community broadcast\netcast available spectrum out here in Cyberia) and PUBLIC FORUMS that are needed so we can discuss the nuanced policies that work and why they help remediate what UNREGULATED HOUSING MARKETS WILL NEVER ADDRESS.

This deepening of Public Education on and understanding of the causes of the Global Housing Crisis must be done grassroots, without corporate-captured news media isolation programs or more so-called Business Solutions that put PRIVATE INTEREST PROFIT ahead of PUBLIC INTEREST PRIVILEGING OF PUBLIC POLICIES.

Most of all we need to know about the wealth of useful data and nuanced planning attempts for remediating homelessness in cities that have already used federal monies, as indeed we once did in the U.S. and where Portland, Maine has been running a HOUSING FIRST program since the Great Depression and how many so-called well-informed Americans even know about that?

The freedom to educate ourselves with the best information being silo'd out of Public Policy Reach on university campuses around the world with peer review and public vetting of such Cost\Benefit On the Ground Studies results because first of all the Affordable Housing Crisis is Global and can only be solved with national plans rolled out locally.

Many of US are not even aware of the history of the Public Housing Boom for White Americans after WW II that made Fred Trump so rich off building desirable Public Subsidized Housing for Low Income Americans by privately contracting with Washington's willingness to fund such desirable housing programs. Those programs grew the US suburbs and also created WHITE FEAR & WHITE FLIGHT from urban cores that early in the 20th Century created some of the most desirable and lasting PUBLIC HOUSING along with PUBLIC HOUSING MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS in the World. Until the Privatization and FINANCIALIZATION of HOUSING became the way to make a killing off HUMAN NECESSITIES rather than EARNING A LIVING off of PUBLIC HOUSING. See the high values of such Public Housing in NYC's now crisis-wracked NEW YORK CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY begun during The Great Depression (when the reliance on unregulated Market Led Solutions Failed for all to see and experience first hand) or

For more on the history of Wall Street being called upon to give Main Street a boost and the dangers of such EXCLUSIVE URBAN REMEDIATION OF 20th Century HOUSING CRISES, see under the first of the Neo-Liberal Economic Policies of remediation of normalized homelessness and the dying of the New York City urban core in the example of the PUBLIC\PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP that was STUYVESANT TOWN and COOPER VILLAGE under Publicly Paid Private Developer Robert Moses:


"Stuyvesant Town was controversial from the beginning. In 1943, the National Association of Housing Officials described the fight as "a battle up to now lacking only in beer bottles and murder."[21] Although nominally a private development, it was championed by Parks Commissioner Robert Moses, who has been called the "dominant force in [the] creation" of both Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.[22] At the behest of Mayor LaGuardia, Moses sought "to induce insurance companies and savings banks to enter the field of large-scale slum clearance."[23] It was enabled by various state laws and amendments which permitted private companies to enter what was previously a public field of action.[24]"

I very much appreciate the callers that you, Celeste, moderated (including me!) yet allowed to share some of the ways in which the dying inner Public City and Institutions of Portland have been dying since long before the Pandemic In Perpetuity showed up to accelerate our MARKET LED DECLINE via PUBLIC POLICIES PERVERTED TO SERVE PRIVATE INTERESTS.

Let us take back even these non-profit and community (radio) organizations that are not deepening the Public Understanding of the this GLOBAL CRISIS IN AFFORDABLE HUMAN HABITAT as Columbia University Professor featured in PUSH the documentary film, namely Prof. Saskia Sassen and her colleague the Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz so clearly explain if they are ever sourced by corporate-captured journalists and broadcasters here in the US. Their work and the work of Canadian Housing First Professor Nick Falvo on the Cost\Benefit reasons for implementing HOUSING FIRST programs would help Dr. Sharon Meiran on the Multnomah County Board fight the PRIVATE INTERESTS who won't even allow public discussion of such Cost\Benefit studies from where HOUSING FIRST has been tried:

To contact Professor Nick Falvo:

Thanks again for persisting against the Cloak of Silence that has been killing not just Luxury High Rise PoTown, Ore, but so many once-livable human habitats in Prof Saskia Sassen's and Joseph Stiglitz's terms. They too can be reached as Columbia University faculty, Prof Sassen has replied to my emails and if I can ever get a Public Screening of PUSH (or other Public Education on the Global Housing Crisis) with Panel Discussion Professor Sassen has expressed interest in participating. You can see the cities in Europe where she has been invited to speak (it helps that she is fluent in 5 languages) on the FINANCIALISATION OF HOUSING and LOSS OF HUMAN AFFORDABLE HABITAT on YouTube aka U. of Tube by searching those Key Words. You, Celeste, would be the first person at KBOO or anywhere in the Portland or Pacific NW housing crises-wracked region to even express such interest to these silo'd guides out of our self-imposed THIRD WORLD STATUS.

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