Conversation with Ute Luppertz


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Fri, 09/24/2021 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black - Squirrels Know - 09/24/2021
Learning the role of animals in our galaxy (eternal existence)

Join Ender Black on a conversation with professional animal communicator and intuitive, Ute Luppertz, who has been practicing as a holistic healing coach for animals, a senior pet specialist, a pet death doula and an animal communicator from her office in Portland, Oregon. Ute is originally from Köln, Germany, and has a Master of Arts in Special Education and German. She taught German as a second language for Turkish teenagers in Köln and later moved to München, where she was a language instructor at the Goethe Institute for many years.

Ute moved to Portland in 1994, and since then she has taught at Portland State University, mainly at the Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik. Currently, her main area of study and work is the field of animal communication, which she does at many levels, from the very practical and pragmatic, to the deeply spiritual and shamanic, all done through her company Pets Point Of View, LLC. She's certified a Reiki Master, and a practitioner of Tellington Touch, a specialized approach to the care and training of companion animals, horses and exotic animals; a gentle, respectful method of training, that honors the body, mind and spirit of animals and their people and develops trust between humans and animals. She also studied positive reinforcement dog training called "The Third Way" by Chris Bach, and is trained in the Systemic Constellation Method, based on Bert Hellinger's work. Ute is a member of the International TTouch Guild, the Northwest Association for Death Education and Bereavement Support and the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care. Her work encompasses many years of focused intent in developing and organizing numerous techniques and methods that allow her be of better service to animals and their human partners.

You can find Ute Luppertz at her website,     and there you can sign up for a free 20 min discovery session.

On this episode of Squirrels Know, we focus on the practicality of exploring the spiritual side of animals, and their relationship with us, as well as the impact and effect that their animal lives have on our human lives. We discuss animal souls, cosmic contracts between animals and their human partners, the understanding that animals are here to be our guides and teachers - given their natural, unbroken connection to what we can call the spirit world, or more precisely, the quantum field of living consciousness that pervades our planet - , and we maintain the focus that animal beings are as valuable and important as we can be, even more when we take into account that their souls are pure and they are capable of exercising unconditional love at all times, with almost no effort. We also talk about the magic of cats, how they're a lot more than what you might find embedded in mainstream Western beliefs, and with this conversation we seek to validate what you feel deep inside your heart about the true nature of existence. The relationship between us and our animal companions can be a thing of true meaning and weight for our lives, if we only open up to listen to what they're trying to tell us. The language of the universe is not math, as some experts believe, but it's actually love, and specifically, emotions and images that can be sent and transmitted from one living consciousness to another.