Conversation with Tony Rodrigues

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Fri, 05/27/2022 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black - Squirrels Know - May 2022

Join Ender Black on a conversation with Tony Rodrigues, a man who served many years as a laborer in corporate and government-sanctioned classified space programs, and who has full remembrance of his experience. This is important to note, because the set of technologies used in these ventures, involve a very basic and well known technology of "memory wipe", or the removal of memories from the cellular structure of the body. The fact that he fell in love while working in Ceres, the biggest asteroid in our asteroid belt, was apparently the motivator and activator in him, that ultimately helped him regain all his memories, adding his very important testimony to the Ongoing Protocols of Galactic Interaction. He was part of a very controversial and, for all intents and purposes, illegal initiative, one that entailed his kidnapping when he was a child, and his grooming as a general laborer with a status that we would consider a slave or a captive. Very traumatic childhood in many respects, and not an easy youth and adulthood either. You can read all the details about his story on his book, Ceres Colony Cavalier.

On this interview with Squirrels Know, Mr. Rodrigues discusses many fascinating details about his experience on the Ceres Colony, including specifics about the massive corporate, industrial and military infrastructure that is common place in the planetoid, as well as throughout our solar system. His testimony is riveting and compelling, and shows many similarities with other whistleblowers and experiencers that have come out with information regarding secret, classified, both government sanctioned and non-sanctioned space programs and enterprises. He also gives us his perspective about the well known "20 And Back Program", a blanket term for a technology that was provided by certain extraterrestrial groups involved with our planet, and which involves an age regression process for the experiencer. This means that Mr. Rodrigues lived many years as a laborer in space, and then at the end of his tour, he was effectively returned to the exact same point in time/space where he was taken in the first place. This allowed him to live two separate lives: one in Ceres and as part of a flight crew, and another with a normal childhood and life on Earth.

This is a very entertaining conversation, where you will be confronted with possibilities and actions that are completely outside the scope of what is talked about, published or made important by the mainstream media conglomerates. Part of what we do on this show, is certainly bring you the beauty and perfect poetry of eternal existence, in the form of galactic awareness and animal awareness, and at the same time, be very clear about the massive injustices that keep taking place on any realm or area where Earth humans are involved. This is not human nature!! Our planet has been on a completely locked down, pyramidal authority structure, where less than ideal and less than friendly galactic nations and empires have claimed our planet and our people to do as they please. This is a very complicated issue, and one that is not easy to delineate given the multidimensional quality of the universe. But I'd like you to rest assured that our planet, and our galaxy for that matter, are bound to be free at last. The light of universal source is currently showering our galaxy through the central galactic sun and all the trillion of stars that define our local universe, and this is something nothing short of magnanimous. It's like our divine cosmic mother wants nothing less than shower us with love. This is a magical process beyond any space program or corporate endeavor, and certainly beyond any extraterrestrial involvement, regardless of how technologically developed they might seem. Don't forget! The really cool extraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials that are involved with Earth, would never even consider the idea of enslaving or controlling a planet, much less condone destruction of ecosystems and lifeforce. They're heavenly in nature, as innocent and playful as your cat or your dog, with the exact same spirit frequency expression as any animal being on the planet, and they are our true cosmic family. These are the beings that run the well known Galactic Federation of Worlds, and these are the cosmic folk that we should be and will be interacting in many ways as our galaxy switches frequencies for the better :)

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