Ask Away! Bread and Roses Takes Your Questions Tonight!

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Fri, 04/21/2017 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
clockwise: Puchi DeJesus, Emilly Prado, Rios de la Luz, Anna Vo
Emilly Prado from music and advice show "Is Butter A Carb?" plus Rios de la Luz & music by Anna Vo

Tonight, hosts Pamela Santos and Puchi DeJesus have a whole hour of our semi-regular segment Doin' Things where we spotlight women and gender non-conforming badasses doin' things. We'll also have a return of Feminist Headlines from co-producer Cheryl Green because we all need to absorb the latest news with a critical lens (no alternative facts here!).

We'll be featuring Emilly Prado, one of the hosts from the XRAY music and advice show "Is Butter A Carb?" which means... DUN DUN DUN!

Bread and Roses is taking your questions and answering with a feminist lens!

We'll be taking questions from our Facebook page, Twitter and live over the phone.

Do you need self-care tips for this current news climate? Do you have a burning question about your life's purpose, your workplace, your school, your family? What's the advice you've been needing after all these planetary retrogrades???

In between giving advice with so many caveats, we'll be featuring badasses doin' things!  A reading from Rios de la Luz from her chapbook Interstellar Bruja and music by Anna Vo, from An Out Recordings - a POC, queer and femme centered record label.


Emilly Prado is a writer, zine and button maker, xray FM on air host, and library assistant living in Portland. You can find Emilly on (two Ls),, on Instagram @emillyp and Twitter @emillygprado.

Rios de la Luz is a xicana/chapina living in Oregon. She is brown and proud. She is always working on decolonizing her mind and being louder. She is in love with her bruja/activist communities in LA, San Antonio and El Paso. Her short story collection, "The Pulse Between Dimensions and The Desert" is out now via Ladybox Books. Her work has been featured in Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Entropy, The Fem Lit Magazine, World Literature Today and St. Sucia.  Find Rios's writings on

An Out Recordings is a POC, queer and femme centered record label that started 10 years ago as a response to fascists and neo-nazis creating and releasing music, mostly in neofolk and black metal scenes.


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