Meet Your Monster LIVE Performance


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Sat, 06/26/2010 - 12:00am
Meet Your Monster Live Performance

Meet Your Monster is an Alternative Punk-Rock band from Portland. Tonight the band consisted of Eli Hirsch , and Kaz McTwist.
Here's their My Space Bio:
It all started when Eli and Henry were climbing the Mountains of a Thousand Tears. They began to make their way up the epic cliff together until they made it to a ledge to snack on the fruits of mountain. Suddenly, out of the rocks came a giant grizzly bear! Eli and Henry knew what to do, so they ran at the bear together , and with two sidekicks to the pelvis, the bear was unconscious and bleeding from the aorta. With a swift high-five they continued up the rock. When they finally reached the top, they found them selves in the Forest of Suspicious Hair. As they pushed their way through the dungeon of fuzz, they came to the ultimate, the one, the only, Fountain of Youth. As they made their way to sip from the streams of moist liquid, out of the fountain, came the largest and craziest monster human eyes have ever seen. He came up to Henry and Eli, and growled and bared his ferocious teeth, turned around and sat down on a drum set that magically appeared. He then started to play. He shredded so fast, and so hard, that every tree in the Forest of Suspicious Hair fell down and turned into dead skin. Henry and Eli met their monster. The monster took his human form and went by the terrifying name of Kaz McTwist. They took him back to Portland, in the cargo section of an airplane, and learned how to pretend to be good at their instruments. And thus Meet Your Monster was born. Also, it all started when Henry and Eli were having one of their angst ridden tantrums and realized that they needed an outlet to rock out. Today, being that they are teenagers, the band continues to have quality angst ridden tantrums on a daily basis, and use this emotion to write song about very original concepts such as: girls, drugs, and even our parents. Thank you to all the awesome fans who come out and support us!!!!!!!!!! We are bad with girls and smell kinda bad, but we would be happy to give free hugs at our show. Just ask! We have been playing as musicians all of our lives, but have been playing together since early 2009. Rocking out is so much fun, and thats why we do it. So you can all look at our sweaty bodies on stage and enjoy our tunes. Much Love!

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