YAN SHU II Motor Sessions Live LENUT LE Soñeus

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Mon, 10/19/2020 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

  Yan Shu II Motor Sessions Live.

Recorded live during the Butoh Dance Company "Yan Shu" Tour in Mexico City in 2002 at Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Anahuacalli Museum and at Teatro de las Vizcainas.

Yan Shu: Moro

Motor: Sergio Espinoza, Mariano Espinoza, Alejandro Vargas, Germán Bringas.

Invited Musicians: Angelo Moroni, Francisco Bringas, Vivente Villanueva.

Lenut Le: Soñeus

Germán Bringas: Synthesizers, soprano saxophone, bells and flute.

Sergio Bustamante: Voice, ocarina and bell.

Recorded at Zona de Intolerancia, October of 2004

Both CD's are from the 7 CD BOXSET " Zona de Desfragmentación", JAZZORCA RECORDS 2005


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