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Doc Zomb,

That's a mighty sublime segue Dr Zomb from Laurie Anderson's "O SUPERMAN" to John Wayne in his cups (who knew he was a USC grad?) delivering gung-ho circa '60's Pilgrim's Progress commencement address.

Perhaps the Duke was rabble rousing graduates of one of those "Columbia University or other Mother colleges..." Y'know like one of them federally guaranteed student loans for meaningless paper diplomas from one those 'Father trade school colleges' that our Ivy League Constitutional Law Grad previous Privatizer In Chief Obama and his hoops scrimmaging at White House Privatizing Secretary of Education Arne Slam Dunk Duncan used their bully pulpits to promote over value-less humanities and liberal arts degrees.

Even as 150 ITT or 300 Corinthian trade college campuses were on their way to corporate bankruptcy court by Neo-Liberal E-CON Chicago Boys investor cronies belly up with other investors who were bailed out during Obama-Biden previous era of Privatizer In Chief. All to little mass media notice than Trump Mnuchin Icahn Kushner Deutsche Bank Org currently and rightfully receives...

Keep on doing, Dr Zomb
What a take on "Compared to What?"
Sure hope former OUTER WORLD skipper Daniel tuned in...

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