IT by Theodore Sturgeon

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Mon, 10/20/2008 - 12:00am

Our Second Halloween offering is a classic monster story by science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon, entitled 'IT'. An allegorical fantasy about a man-like plant creature who grew out of a swamp and begins roaming the countryside destroying anything or anyone it comes across.  Most threaten is the Drew family living in a nearby farm. Unaware of the danger, the Drew's nine year old daughter, Babe, sneaks out of the house to meet up with her uncle in their secret hiding place in the woods. But her uncle has already by killed and torn apart by the brute strength of the mute, and uncaring mold with a mind.

First appearing in the August 1940 issue of Unknown magazine this story was to influence many other 'swamp-things' in fiction, comics, movies and television. At the time it was a comment on the unthinking and uncaring evil of the fascists who had started the war in Europe.

Featured in our 3D Radio Production are Woody Creek, Orange Julius, Mrs White, Ubu Orange, and Shrieking Violet as Babe. Fortunato reads the narration. With music adapted from the soundtracks for the TV shows 'Twin Peaks', & 'the X-Files' as well as the work of Bernard Herrman for the Brian Depalma motion picture 'Sisters'.


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