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Mon, 12/03/2018 - 6:00pm to 6:30pm
Recap of the year 2018 highlighting gender economics and racial justice, racism in the labor movement and the impact of Right to Work.

Join hosts Tina Tina-Morfitt, Dr. Audrey Terrell and Ms. Deborah Hall in our year end salute to CBTU Labor Radio 2018. Some of our guest throughout 2018 included: Brother Babatunde Azubuike, a Lead Community Organizer with Enlace, Sister Donna Hammond, a Business Representative of the IBEW Union, Brother Bill Fletcher a syndicated columnist, Brother Tom Chamberlain, President of the Oregon AFL-CIO,  Sister April Sims, of the Washington State Labor Council and  Brother Tony Brown of Straighttalktv.

We engaged in conversations with our 2018 guest  focusing on a youthful program regarding gender economics and racial justice through the Umoja program, Black History month highlighting a LERC program entitled Pioneering a Living Legacy, the impact of the Janus Supreme Court decision on  Public Employee Unions regarding  “Right to Work”, the amazing work in Washington State addressing racism in the labor movement, Race and Labor, Building a More Just Economy,  a recent Fletcher publication “They’re Bankrupting Us-And Twenty other myths about unions”, the 20 myths of labor unions and a review of a hometown favorite and the uplifting community based work of merging local activist who address everyday local problems in our community.     

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