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Sat, 11/17/2018 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
When Pianist Joe Sample passed a few years ago, it also signaled the end to a turbulent relationship with some jazz critics and his music output.
With the heat of criticism now ambers to ashes, a real time rigor of his remarkable skill and versatility at the piano can now be ascertained to a broader audience. His vetting continues to compel and reassure. The courtship is complete.
Tune in for the romance, The soulful, and the gift he bestowed.

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Episode Playlist


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Thank you so much, Yugen, for bringing together these Joe Sample recordings and accenting the often taken-for-granted Crusaders discography, touring and performance legacy of all of the band's various members and Sample's vision throughout the band's and his own solo led projects. Your reading of the "Children of the Sun" back-story from Joe Sample's notes on the recording in Germany with NDR's big band deepens our vision of the shadow-lands and Slave Trade routes. Especially its inspiration contrasting the Caribbean legacies of the slave-trade morphing into money laundering and off-shoring, sun and surf for oligarchs of the western world is moving and illuminating. You've sent me looking for more on this fairly recent project of Joe Sample's just before his passing and\or transition as the music he made and participated in lives on so vividly.

As ever, there seems to be more interest outside of the U.S. and all the more reason to applaud you for helping bring this Joe Sample project home. This article from ALL ABOUT JAZZ's online 'zine also helped me process what I got to hear from your flow, show, comments, readings and accents on various aspects of the muses and music:

Also of interest to your listeners might be this old article from the LA TIMES heyday back in the late 20th Century and their own examination of Joe Sample's negotiation of the tricky terrain of the jazz world where the Crusaders staying together power was tested when Sample's favorite drummer and dearest of friends, co-founder from Houston and the Texas jazz scene Stix Hooper decided to exit the band.

Keep on drumming, Yugen, spinning and 'splainin' with The Motif. This is such a valuable broadcast I hope this audio archive can be kept up as a reference for serious music lovers and chasers after muses from all creative spheres and endeavors. What a town of wonderful drummers and musicians and composers and creators and riffers and riffsters that we ought not take it for granted.

Another family of Oregon drummers also suffered a loss in the last year or so, condolences to Edwin Coleman on the passing\transition of his Dad the educator at U. of O. in Eugene:

Most appreciatively,
Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Shifters
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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