Greg Palast on CROSSCHECK!

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Mon, 09/25/2017 - 8:00am to 9:00am
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The Best Democracy Money Can Buy 2017 Post-Election Edition


Cecil and Celeste welcome KBOO's favorite muckraking investigative journalist...Greg Palast.

Greg Palast is an investigative reporter, whose news-breaking stories appear on BBC Television, The Guardian and now in Rolling Stone Magazine. (It was Palast who uncovered how Katherine Harris and Jeb Bush stole the presidential election in Florida in 2000.)
And now, Palast is releasing the updated, post-election edition of his movie:  The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Case of the Stolen Election, based on his New York Times bestselling books.  
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy is half documentary, half star-studded movie featuring Rosario Dawson, Shailene Woodley, Willie Nelson, Ice-T and more.
Donald Trump said the "election is rigged."  And Palast says, Donald should know, because his buddies rigged it. 
The film follows Palast on his investigation of The Donald’s wild claims — and along the way, Palast finds billionaires gone wild, a secret hit list of a million Americans who lost their vote—and the real story of the theft of the 2016 election.

Indivisible Chicago and the ACLU of Illinois have teamed up to call for an end the state's participation in Crosscheck, and have launched a campaign that has the support of State Rep. Will Guzzardi ( 39th District), State Rep. Greg Harris (13th District), among others.  However, Indivisible Chicago reports that the State Board of Elections has again declined to put Kris Kobach's racially-biased Crosscheck voter-purging program on the agenda for its September 18th meeting — continuing to cite that the Board "requires more information to get up-to-speed on this program."  It's absolutely WEIRD that the Illinois Board of Elections wants time to "get up to speed on Crosscheck" — when they’ve been IN THE PROGRAM for years. Shouldn’t they "get up to speed" before they send lists to Kris Kobach again?

Greg Palast’s Hit Movie The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Case of The Stolen Election New! 2017 Post-Election Edition

Become a member and find out how to get your copy of the film that tells you how Trump stole it.  And tells you who did it, and how. And what they’ll do next. 


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