Live Literary Event by Unchaste Readers: Women Reading Their Minds

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Fri, 05/01/2015 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Unchaste Readers: Women Reading Their Minds

Bread and Roses hosts a LIVE reading by Unchaste Readers:  Women Reading Their Minds.

The Unchaste Readers series provides a space for women and female-identified writers to share their stories. The theme Unchaste refers to how it is to be and feel female in a patriarchal system where our autonomy, identity, and survival are threatened in large and small ways.

Featured Readers:

Lavinia Maglicco:  Lavinia Maglicco has been dancing and writing all her life. She explores embodiment in her studio, Equipoise - enlightened exercise and can be reached at She's working on a book about dance.

Tessara Gabrielle Dudley:  Tessara Dudley lives in the rainy Pacific-Northwest, writing poetry and personal essay from the intersection of working class Black queer disabled life, and hoping her art will help to build a better world. Her first published piece, an examination of transit and travel as a Black woman, went up on Black Girl Dangerous in 2014. In addition to freelance writing, she recently founded a small press. Tessara can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and

Kalimah Abioto is a writer, filmmaker and all around creator from Memphis, TN.

Melanie Alldritt:  Melanie Alldritt has been published in Perceptions and The Gravity of the Thing. When she's not writing she is procrastinating her homework and adventuring in Oregon or wherever else the day takes her.

Nadia Martinez Chantry:  Mujer, madre, maestra. Nadia Martínez Chantry lives in each of these roles, moment by moment, day by day. She is a survivor with a simple daily goal; to find,  amplify, and honor her own strength as a woman, a mother, and a teacher.
Lidia Yuknavitch:  Lidia Yuknavitch is the author of several books, including the Chronology of Water and Dora: A Headcase. She is the recipient of the Oregon Book Award - Reader's Choice and a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association award. Her most recent book The Small Backs of Children: A Novel, published by Harper will be out July 7th of this year.

Jenny Forrester:  Jenny Forrester has most recently been published in the Listen to Your Mother anthology, published by Putnam and is the curator for The Unchaste Readers Series

Leigh Anne Kranz hosts.
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