Black Lives Matter

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Fri, 09/12/2014 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Local community activists traveled to Ferguson, MI in the aftermath of the murder of Michael Brown

Tonight on Bread and Roses we say Black Lives Matter. In the aftermath of the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MI by police office Darren Wilson, protests have been taking place all over the country against police violence and racial discrimination. A strong message has emerged from this movement that the lives of Black people do matter.  A controversy started after the death of Michael Brown over the way he was being described in the media and a video released by the police of someone, suspected to be Michael Brown, stealing from a corner store. There are no excuses that can justify the murder of Michael Brown. His life mattered.

As the City council met a few days ago in Ferguson, MI to address some of the local systemic issues that resulted in the death of Michael Brown and the response of the Black community to his murder, we welcome on Bread and Roses two Portland community activists who traveled to Ferguson, MI August 28th to September 1st on the “Black Life Matters Ride” an initiative "to bring Black folks from across the country into Ferguson, Missouri, as part of a national call to end state violence against Black people," Tessara Dudley and Steven Gilliam.

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