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Mon, 09/13/2010 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Protecting our safety net programs from any cuts with local activists

Celeste Carey and Cecil Prescod host a discussion of the National Day of Action that calls on members of Congress to lead the fight against those blocking good jobs and a real recovery and demands that our safety net programs be protected from any cuts. Local activists from Portland Jobs with Justice will be the guests.

On September 15th, Portland Jobs with Justice activists will join thousands across the country to declare a national jobs emergency and to demand that Congress recognize the emergency by fixing the jobs deficit now. Portland Jobs with Justice activists will also demand that cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits suggested in connection with President Obama’s deficit commission be rejected.  Petitions with over 1000 signatures will be delivered to members of Congress. Activists will meet at 4:15 at NE 6th and Holladay, march at 4:30. At 5:15, a rally with speakers, chants, and street theater will happen at 911 NE 11th.


Here are two websites regarding the dangers of changing Social Security benefits.
Also, there is an excellent C-SPAN program that was on yesterday (Sept. 12), but will not be in the archives for another day or two.
Thank you Celeste and Cecil for your show and discussion.,com_issues/Itemid,22/issu...

<P>And timely also!</P>
<P>The <STRONG>Dept of Health &amp; Human Services</STRONG> released information re: the <STRONG>Medicare Trust Fund</STRONG> solvency in August 2010. Not sure if the physician who phoned was referring to this information, but here's the link:</P>
<P><A href="">http://www.hhs...
<P>The Fund is due to last until <STRONG>2029</STRONG>, which isn't as shocking as it should be.</P>
<P>The residents of this country need to demand reporting that is comprehensible across the board. The <STRONG>Social Security Administration</STRONG> (SSA) publishes information re: both the Social Security and Medicare withholdings and "expenditures", but the reports are quite intensive:</P>
<P><A href="">
<P>There are telephonic conferences offered to help everyone understand Medicare and Social Security, yet there's not sufficient outreach to share this information to those without Internet access or whom have other accessibility limitations.</P>
<P>Forget "no taxation, without representation". We need to demand <EM><STRONG>representation for all, always</STRONG></EM>.</P>
<P>My two cents this morning AND thank you for raising this issue!</P>