Cory Lira on Fat Activism and the "Obesity Crisis"

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Fri, 06/22/2012 - 12:00am
Cory Kirshner-Lira on Fat Activism and the "Obesity Crisis"

Cory hails from Portland, Oregon. She is a queer fierce fat femme, a cultural worker and educator. Her cultural work predominantly focuses on intersectionality and visibility within identity politics and social justice. Cory specifically dedicates her time to issues of fat identity, mujerisma, LGBTQ and racial justice, Latin@ visibility, and school/education reform. She is one of the founders of Eugene Sudbury School. Cory currently coaches students in their first year of college, writes for several blogs/websites and presents her workshop series on fat activism/identity, QTPOC intersectionality, mujerisma, environmental justice, social media social justice, and critical lenses on allyship. Contact her at

Hosted by Samantha Taylor.

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