Old Mole Variety Hour for June 20, 2022

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Mon, 06/20/2022 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Desiree Hellegers hosts and we bring the following segments:


Juneteenth: Sarah Chivers brings audio from Vancouver's Juneteenth celebration, featuring emcee Karen Morrison, a community organizer with Free Hot Soup Vancouver and coordinator of Odyssey World International.

Big Pharma and Covid Vaccines: Bill Resnick discusses Big Pharma’s refusal to share the patents for successful Covid vaccines with drug makers across the world, indeed promise to enforce the patents and destroy any company that tries to use the patented production methods. This refusal will surely enhance the profits of Pfizer and Moderna and their executives and stockholders. It will also surely kill many many millions of people around the world and also here, most of them poor people. Can we the people in this country build a movement strong enough to force either Big Pharma to share the patents or the politicians who have ignored this genocide to take action?

The Janes: Prior to the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, an underground network of women in Chicago provided services for women seeking an abortion and many were arrested and served jail time. Released this month on HBO, the documentary “The Janes” — co-directed by Tia Lessin and Emma Pildes — tells the story of this group, which advertised in counterculture periodicals and on bulletin boards in hippie hangouts, advising women in trouble to “call JANE.” Jan Haaken talks with Judith Arcana, one of the Janes featured in the documentary. They talk about the film and the lessons of that era for what looks like a post-Roe era of criminalizing abortion in much of the country.

Jan 6: Bill Resnick does a Well Red Read and commentary based on the Hearings on the Jan. 6th “Insurrection.” It has been a riveting exposure of this country’s former peerless leader and it drew a large audience across the country. But will it amount to anything more than a powerful history lesson?

In Memoriam, Delores Loann Winston: Desiree Hellegers memorializes--and we hear excerpts of archival audio of--Delores Loann Winston, a formerly houseless activist with Seattle's WHEEL-Women in Black, and a teenage volunteer in the 1970s with Seattle's Black Panther Breakfast program, who died in May, and whose story is featured in the oral history collection No Room of Her Own: Women's Stories of Homelessness, Life, Death, and Resistance.

Stay tuned next month for a multi part series by Nimiipuu Mole Julian Ankney on police corruption and misconduct in reservation communities and their connection to murdered and missing Indigenous people and the cases that are not even investigated.


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