Old Mole Variety Hour for May 9, 2022

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Mon, 05/09/2022 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Views, Reviews, and Interviews from a Socialist-Feminist, Anti-racist, Anti-colonial and LGBTQ-positive Perspective


Denise Morris hosts this episode of the Old Mole which includes the following segments:

Peace in Ukraine: Can peace be achieved in Ukraine? Both Russia and the U.S. bear responsibility for that war. Bill Resnick and John Feffer discuss the forces, here and international, that could successfully demand a settlement. John Feffer is director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies. He has written a great deal, articles, books, does interviews. For 6 years he travelled in Eastern Europe and East Asia as an international representative for the American Friends Service Committee. In his 2017 book titled Aftershock: A Journey into Eastern Europe’s Broken Dreams (Zed Books/Bloombury) he examines Ukraine among the other East European states. And with the Russian invasion he has studied and written about the current war.

Libraries and the Public Good: Joe Clement interviews Emily Drabinski, President elect of the American Library Association. They consider elements of her winning campaign about building collective power to fight for public goods, in and with the support of libraries.

Reproductive Rights: In their Left and the Law segment, Jan Haaken and Mike Snedeker discuss the political impact of the recent Supreme Court leaked document expressing the intent of SCOTUS to overturn Roe v Wade. Jan and Mike take up the legal reasoning behind this full-scale assault on abortion rights, how that reasoning is likely to extend into other court decisions, and how the abortion rights/reproductive justice movement needs to fight back.



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