Unmitigated Opinion Hour

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Fri, 10/22/2021 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Ender Black

Join Ender Black on an unmitigated opinion hour! On this day and age, we certainly have enormous blessings, left to right. Our phones and computers can connect us to the world, and we are all potentially quite able to achieve whatever we want. The possibilities are limitless. We have toys and entertainment, as well as purchasing power, of the likes no other society in the history of our planet has ever had. Wow. How cool, huh? So glad to be alive now. However, at the same time, what we have on the other side of the coin, is a critical, emergency-like situation we have to tackle in order to prevent social and ecological disaster.

Many people wonder what the heck is going to happen to our planet. We all know few things make sense on our collective reality. We're all taken aback by outdated systems and regulations, and many other mechanisms that do not support the rightful development of our society. That's why we see a 0.3% to 1% of the population have nominal control and ownership of most resources and industrial efforts. All of this while the majority of the global population has to struggle greatly in order to survive and achieve goals, and many many human counterparts have to experience poverty and extreme poverty of the likes we rarely see in the developed world. We have all accepted at some level that yes, this is normal, but no, this is certainly not right. And what about the consistent decimation of ecosystems throughout the world? No doubt you have heard about countless animals that are currently "endangered", as well as mainstream articles and studies that predict things like the oceans devoid of fish by the year 2050. You've heard about rainforests, which happen to be the most fruitful environments for life to bloom, being attacked and erased from the map on a daily basis. We see wars that brake out because people are angry and disillusioned, or because nations have been conquered by oppresive regimes that do not match our highest ideals. All of us seemingly still fighting for resources, and no mechanisms set in place to prevent poverty. And we cannot forget the clear racial hierarchy on our planet. We have one, very influential cultural identity, which effectively prevents other cultures and traditions from maintaining their independence and sovereignty. Amazing people of heroic humility and good intentions are silenced everyday throughout the world. People demand justice for Nature, and justice for themselves. We see a global financial system, native to one sector of the planet, dictate rules and regulations for all sectors of the planet, without any consideration to the desires of the people indigenous to these sectors. There is an enormous imbalance on our planet, and the pandemic certainly does not help in this situation, at all. It's a massive, shall we say, clusterpoop.

What can we do to change this?

On this opinion hour I provide you with three different options to tackle all global imbalances, with shock and awe, targeting the core source problem on our planet. These options are the summary of many years of conducting studies and research on the affairs of our planet, and they sum up what I have ascertained as the three main choices we have to get out of our global debacle. 

a) Full audit of our global financial system, meaning the law-enforced audit of the biggest banking conglomerates and entities. We must upgrade our financial system in order to serve the needs of the majority of the population, as well as the needs of our remaining ecosystems.  

b) The process of galactic interaction, i.e. official contact with the galactic federation of worlds, and the introduction to galactic law. Their aid, support and protection can serve us well while we try to switch stuff around and activate critical reforms to many aspects of our lives.

c) God sends special light frequencies from the sun, bathing our entire planet with the grand magic of creation and the universe, and enables the raising of the frequency of consciousness of the planet. 


There is also the option of all of these things happening simultaneously, or maybe two out of three. I definitely want to convey that in my estimation, at this point, these are our best possible solutions that we have to tackle the massive situations at hand.

Seeds that stay in our hearts and our intellects can sprout unlimited possibilities. Thank you for allowing me to speak to you from the heart about what I believe is important today. I invite you to go to my website, enderemus.com - Listen to my music on Spotify, YouTube and all platforms. Thank you again from my heart.       - Ender Black