The Monday Sampler on 05/10/10


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Mon, 05/10/2010 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Dan Hicks is coming to town.


Dan Hicks will be in Portland for a rare performance with the Hot Licks on May 17th, and in honor of this appearance "The Monday Sampler' will present records and an extremely rare live, in studio recording of Dan Hicks from KBOO's own past, and a possible phone interview with the man himself!  If you phone in your pledge during the show you can get a pair of tickets to the Dan Hicks show and a copy of his new CD!  So stay tuned and join Fortunato and 'The Monday Sampler' on May 10th  for this fabulous road show!


Hey Fortunado,
   Dan Hicks was my roommate at S. F. State
in 1961.
   I'll be listening for the interview
to see if you can keep him
from putting you on...
regards, Bob Riddle
"Jazz in the Afternoon"

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