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Foundations for long-term digital preservation

If you haven't heard, KBOO has a nice collection of audio. It's comprised of about 4,000 historic KBOO programs dating from the late 1960s. During my residency I will develop and produce a digital preservation strategy for KBOO with feedback from staff based on a commitment... Read more

Giving Thanks: Shout out to my archives volunteers!

I haven’t reported out on how much awesome work my two archives volunteers have been doing. Sean and Sylvia, two Emporia University MLIS candidates, have been dedicating their time to the KBOO archives, between their school and work. They’ve been doing a lot! KBOO’s metada... Read more

Ruby & Nokogiri for Webscraping

Originally published on for the AAPB NDSR.   As part of the AAPB NDSR fellowship, we residents are afforded personal professional development time to identify and learn or practice skills that wil... Read more

KBOO celebrates #AskAnArchivist Day!

[View the story "KBOO's Selena Chau: #AskAnArchivist" on Storify] Read more

Why is Noam Chomsky's name so frequent in our archives metadata?

  In the audio archives, we can only search for information what we know. --- Hello KBOO Community! I have been learning about the holdings in the KBOO analog audio archives for a couple months now and you may or may not know that we need knowledge contributions from ~YO... Read more

Voice to Text recognition: IASA Day 1

Originally published for American Archive of Public Broadcasting National Digital Stewardship Residency. AAPB NDSR update in podcast form. Day 1 of IASA, the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archivists in Washington, D.C. Duration: 00:05:31 *In the aud... Read more

Spirit Mountain Community Fund Supports KBOO Archiving Project!

Wednesday, September 14th, Grand Ronde, Oregon - The Spirt Mountain Community Fund granted the KBOO Foundation a $20,000 gift this month to support digitization, saving and sharing of KBOO programming from communities of color from our historic analog archives.  The Confed... Read more

Tips for people with audio materials at home

If you only remember seven words, let them be Cool, Dry, and Vertical! Include all dates! Archival audiovisual materials deserve the specific best storage conditions that we can afford to give them. Archival repositories monitor specific temperature and humidity for each... Read more

Digital Stewardship at KBOO Community Radio

This post is republished from Two weeks have passed since the start of the 2016 American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB) NDSR fellowship program, and I am so glad that I applied ... Read more

NDSA, data wrangling, and KBOO treasures

This post is republished from   My first month at KBOO was about learning about the environment: the people, institutional knowledge, working styles and interaction, informational resources,... Read more