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TUC Radio: Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Airs at: Thu, 11/24/2016 at 8:00am - 8:30am
Produced for Radiozine
  Dunbar-Ortiz is looking for reasons why the founding ideology of the US proved so deadly for the indigenous peoples living here. A little known and astounding fact is that to this day the US follows the Doctrine of Discovery developed by the Pope for Portugal and Spain a... Read more

Moccasin Tracks

Airs at: Thu, 11/24/2016 at 7:00am - 8:00am
Produced for Radiozine
  Grandmother Beverly Little Thunder joins us on the Moccasin Tracks broadcast this week in so-called Vermont. Just back from her homeland and the Standing Rock Spirit Camps of the Oceti Sakowin she tells us about the welcoming of the Two-Spirit Nation. We also talk about ... Read more

Natalie Sept of What Now?

Airs at: Tue, 11/22/2016 at 5:30pm - 5:45pm
Produced for Evening News
Organizer Natalie Sept talks live to the KBOO News about her action fair at Revolution Hall last night, which brought people together for positive action post elections. Read more

Scot Nakagawa of Race Files

Airs at: Fri, 11/25/2016 at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Produced for Pacific Underground
Where do we go from here? This is a question we've been asking ourselves a lot since the results of the presidential election were announced. To help give us some understanding about how we move forward in fighting oppression, we spoke with anti-fascist activist Scot Nakaga... Read more

Gregory McKelvey of Portland's Resistance

Airs at: Tue, 11/22/2016 at 5:45pm - 6:00pm
Produced for News In Depth
Activist Gregory McKelvey of Portland's Resistance talks live in studio on the KBOO Evening News about the protest movement happening around the nation and his arrest at Monday's anti-Trump rally.  Read more

Metamorphosis: Inside Out - Social Injustice & Social Change

Airs at: Wed, 11/23/2016 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Produced for Political Perspectives
  Students from Portland State University and inmates from MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility (MYCF) work together in a structured peer and collaborative environment to learn about injustice while discussing the role of music on social change. Read more

Flashpoints: Report from Standing Rock

Airs at: Tue, 11/22/2016 at 10:15am - 11:00am
Produced for Flashpoints
  Today on Flashpoints: An exclusive eye-witness account of last night's violent attack against Standing Rock water protectors, by local, state, and federal law enforcement. The attacks on the indigenous protectors included water cannons, tear gas, mace and rubber bullets.... Read more

The Old Mole Variety Hour for November 21, 2016

Airs at: Mon, 11/21/2016 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Produced for Old Mole Variety Hour
  Denise Morris Hosts this episode of the Old Mole which includes these segments:   Denise talks with Stephanie Luce about labor movement and organizing present and future. The Left and the Law discuss Trump's pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions Bill Resnick talks ... Read more

Larry Kleinman on Latinx organizing post-Trump

Airs at: Mon, 11/21/2016 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Produced for Old Mole Variety Hour
  Bill Resnick interviews Larry Kleinman about Latinos organizing to stop Trumpism. They discuss the potentials, long term, to go on a great offensive, to make clear to all, including the white working class at every level, that we are in the "Same Boat Brother," as Leadbe... Read more

Stephanie Luce: Labor after the Election

Airs at: Mon, 11/21/2016 at 9:00am - 10:00am
Produced for Old Mole Variety Hour
  Old Mole host Denise Morris talks with Stephanie Luce, Professor of Labor Studies at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute, CUNY. They discuss post-election results as they relate to labor, minimum wage campaigns, right to work laws, the limitations of labor legslation, and the... Read more