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Mel Brown Bday 2019

  Mel Brown's 75th birthday party celebrated at the Rialto, downstairs at Jack London Revue 07-25-2019 Read more

The Scene That Became Cities: What Burning Man Philosophy Can Teach Us . . .

  Caveat Magister in conversation by Shawn Levy at Powell's Books 8/8/2019 about his new book "The Scene That Became Cities: What Burning Man Philosophy Can Teach Us . . . " Synopses & Reviews ... Read more

Programming update: News from the BOO

Produced for News from the BOO
  News from the BOO is making a comeback and a format change! Beginning Wed, Aug 28, Mic Crenshaw's "News from the BOO" has been renamed to "Culture in Motion with Mic Crenshaw" and can be heard every other Wednesday from 5:30-6p. Alternating with "Culture in Motion with M... Read more

KBOO supports the Anti Fascist work of Portland citizens and POPMOB and Snack Bloc

  Snack Bloc will be doing a support table at PopMob - Popular Mobilization's The Spectacle! We will have snacks, GF snacks, kid friendly snacks, sweet snacks, salty snacks, dog water, people water, small soaps, light groceries, stuff for your period and a chill zone, do... Read more

2019 State of the Station: Ruban Lawrence, President of the Board

  Annual Meeting Election Results and Candidate Statements ------------------- STATE OF THE STATION -------------------- Board President Ruban Lawrence 9/14/19   Hello everyone, I am sorry I am unfortunately not attending the Annual General Meeting today.  I am concer... Read more

Change is not easy but it's part of life....

  Dear KBOO Community:  By mutual agreement, our long-term Volunteer Coordinator, Ani Hanes decided to leave her position at KBOO.  This is a mutual confidential agreement so I cannot say much- but I am available to listen and happy to meet with anyone in the KBOO communi... Read more