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Loveness Wesa Interview

Airs at: Tue, 08/28/2012 at 12:00am
Produced for Between Us
Loveness Wesa is a South African musician in the Zimbabwean tradition.  She came to dance via theater and to theater via karate.  And above all else, she loves performing.  Don Merrill spoke with her about the forces of nature that shaped her and how she spends her life try... Read more

Ziggy Marley Interview

Airs at: Thu, 08/16/2012 at 12:00am
Produced for Between Us
Ziggy Marley is an activist, an entrepreneur and not least of all, a musician.  Don Merrill spoke with Ziggy about his latest release, "Wild and Free" as well as about some of the other endeavors he's involved with. Read more

Rick Estrin & the Nightcats Interview

Airs at: Tue, 08/07/2012 at 12:00am
Produced for Between Us
Rick Estrin & the Nightcats is a blues band that has been around since the mid 70s.  It's music is down and dirty.  KBOO's Don Merrill spoke with front man Rick Estrin about his passion for his music, his musical upbringing and how, sometimes, "old school" is the only school. Read more

Squarepusher Interview

Airs at: Sun, 07/15/2012 at 12:00am
Produced for Between Us
Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, released his most recent record called "Ufabulum."  KBOO's Don Merrill had the pleasure of talking with him in this interview.  Mr. Jenkinson explains why he fights being easily labled as a musician by corporate music, and how partly from th... Read more

Interview with Martin Zarzar

Airs at: Sat, 06/30/2012 at 12:00am
Produced for Between Us
Don Merrill interviewed Martin Zarzar about his new CD release, "Two Dollars to Ride the Train."  Martin had a CD release party on June 23rd, and the CD is out now.  It is fun, timely, thoughtful and excellent.  Give it a listen. Read more

Greg Rucka Author of Private Wars

Airs at: Sun, 01/01/2006 at 10:30am - 10:45am
Produced for Between Us