PDX COVID19 Mutual Aid

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Thu, 03/19/2020 - 5:30pm
PDX COVID19 Mutual Aid
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PDX COVID19 Mutual Aid
PDX COVID19 Mutual Aid
PDX COVID19 Mutual Aid

Local community organizers have created a group called Portland COVID 19 Mutual Aid.

You can join the group on Facebook, or sign up to volunteer or to ask for help.

On the KBOO website, you can go to kboo dot fm slash covid 19, and look for the Resource list.

There you will find links to Portland COVID 19 Mutual Aid, as well as other resources.

For more on this mutual aid effort, KBOO spoke with Louie, one of the organizers

Portland area COVID-19 "Request Support" Form: Need food? Assistance? PDX Covid19 Mutual aid volunteers are here to help! (At the bottom of the form is a link if you want to offer help)

Click here for a KBOO-compiled list of resources to help you through this COVID19 Pandemic