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Mon, 12/18/2017 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

A Different Nature is proud to have Sunfalls join us live on KBOO Community Radio on 12/19.

From noise cello improv for butoh, sound design for local theatre production Bogville, to experimental ableton sets and merging into eurorack synthesis in 2013, Eusebie, aka SunFalls is a PDX electronic musician.

SunFalls will be joined by Joseph Pailo and Dr. Strangeknob.

alien realms
metallic sound structures
icy space-scapes
modular synths


More on SunFalls

He has been a recurring solo and collaborative performer at Cacophony, Phreak, Volt Divers, the Sonic Lodge performance series, Modular on the Spot(pdx), Binary Society, and most recently the return of Signal/Logic/Control monthly.

Engaging synthesists locally and globally from Control Voltage here in Portland


“SunFalls will guide you toward an alien realm of metallic sound structures that fracture into a world of kaleidoscopic colors. 

Let its electric jolts prod the listener’s cerebral cortex.

Embrace this paradox, shed the blankets of easy comfort, and find your own warmth in SunFalls icy space-scape.” 

-Robert Ham of Experimental Portland.


Current Album out on tape now!

Works at Control Voltage -


More on Joseph Pailo (Outofthebag Music)

(performing on a Buchla system)

His personal site :

Also works at local synth company 4ms -


More on Dr. Strangeknob

(on Octatrak / various hardware)

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