Justice In The Time Of Pandemic

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Mon, 12/07/2020 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm
Nazgol Ghandnoosh, PhD, The Sentencing Project
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Claire Shubik-Richards, JD, Pennsylvania Prison Society

Covid continues to wreak havoc within our prisons. Corrections facilities in the US have been a public health nightmare for many years so it’s really no surprise. The John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Center on Media, Crime and Justice has been holding a series of webinars for journalists on the topic of Justice and the Pandemic: Confronting Covid-19 in Correctional Health Care, the Courts and Law Enforcement. On this week’s edition of Prison Pipeline we hear from two of the panelists, Nazgol Ghandnoosh, PhD, a Senior Research Analyst at The Sentencing Project; and Claire Shubik-Richards, JD, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society.

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