Opal Whiteley Doc by Dmae


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Tue, 04/20/2010 - 12:00am
The Mystery of Opal Whiteley, a documentary by Dmae Roberts and Dorothy Velasco

Talking With The Wind: The Mystery of Opal Whiteley, a half-hour documentary on Opal Whiteley, of a young woman from Cottage Grove, Oregon. In 1920 she published a childhood diary about her time in the woods and her love of nature. It became wildly popular and then was later condemned as a hoax. This diary created an international controversy that led to her eventual decline in mental health.

 Dmae Roberts co-produced this with Playwright Dorothy Velasco in 1988 with music by John Doan. It also contains a clip from the only known recording of Opal Whiteley before she died in 1992.



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