interview with alexyss k. tylor, of vpowerTV (part one)!!!

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Mon, 05/18/2009 - 5:00pm



what exactly can one say about alexyss k tylor, without stumbling into utter cliche or travelling into euphemism (for those 'sensitive' folk)?  the truth is, you have to meet her to figure out a word for yourself. 

at all points undefinable and inimitable by ANY basic term, atlanta, georgia-based ms. alexyss k tylor is not one who plays around.  you have got to get your act (and your words) together when speaking with her.  even with someone like me who does radio, admittedly this is not always easy.  one interview with this laconic (and ICONIC, to a growing number of people) woman is never going to capture her range- the humor, the warmth, and the love for what she does.  what you ALWAYS get though, is her brand of truth and conviction.  some may see it as brash, vulgar or 'politically incorrect' but it is a truth she stands firm in.  and that is phenomenally admirable.

known mostly as a 'sex guru', ms. tylor is the author of 'spiritual sexuality' and 'vagina power' (which is also the name of the movement she has prompted); she also has a(n) (inter)nationally-recognized television program.  she speaks candidly about spiritual sexuality, as well as political issues affecting us. 

this is from alexyss' youtube page:

"She is the author of spiritual sexuality vagina power, as well as a talk show host of VPOWER with Alexyss K Tyler!!! She talks about spiritual sexuality vagina power, penis power, sperm power. so many women are used, abused and really misunderstand the power of sex and the beauty of the vagina. we are a sacred temple of divine creation and i am so honored to be a woman and so honored by the women that want to learn about the power of our body. teaches about sex chakras, the auric field and how to use them to reach ultimate orgasms."

at the end of the interview (part 2), ms. tylor has mentioned ways to contact her. 

if you have never seen any videos of this stunningly beautiful woman, i suggest you check them out...  as i said, there are no words i could write here that would even describe her. 

all i will say is that it was an honor to speak with her. 



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