Buckman neighborhood house fire hits nearby residents close to home

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Thu, 09/10/2020 - 5:15pm
Image description: A group of Portland firefighters standing in the street outside the house on Stark street that was burned badly in a fire.
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Image description: The home on Stark Street that was badly burned in a fire. The front of the house is charred black from fire damage.


On Thursday, September 10, an abandoned house in the Buckman neighborhood on Stark Street caught fire. For a resident next door, fire was something she had prepared for, but not this close to home. The threat of wildfires meant she had a bag packed and ready to go, and was able to get out safely.

No injuries or deaths have been connected to the Stark Street fire, but officials remind locals that fire danger is especially high right now, and that house fires like the one in Buckman take a lot of resources.

KBOO's Claire Rischiotto spoke with a neighbor who lives nextdoor to the house and a Portland senior fire inspector to learn more. 

Photos by Claire Rischiotto

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