Show #36 - Quarantine

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Thu, 08/13/2020 - 1:45pm

We're back!  Our first show from our home studio.  Please excuse our imperfections. Hear music related our national shared experience...the COVID-19 Quarantine.  Some songs are new and were written specifically about this event and other are older but definately relate.


Opener - Quarantine - Matt Best & Pete Montana
Song 1 - Isolation by John Lennon. Played by Joe
Song 2 - Life In Quarantine by Benjamin Gibbard. Played by Scott
Song 3 - Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Played by Joe
Song 4 - Splendid Isolation by Warren Zevon. Played by Scott
Song 5 - I Am A Rock by Red House Painters. Played by Joe
Song 6 - Stay Away by Nirvana. Played by Scott
Song 7 - Quarantine Blues by Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, & Cindy Blackman. Played by Joe
Song 8 - Bored In The House by Archie T Comma. Played by Scott
Song 9 - Om by The Moody Blues. Played by Joe
Song 10 - Lonely People by America. Played by Scott
Song 11 - In My Room by Jakob Dylan and Fiona Apple. Played by Joe
Song 12 - Strange Times by the Moody Blues. Played by Scott
Song 13 - Let Your Love Be Known by Bono. Played by Joe
Song 14 - Isolation by The Buzzcocks. Played by Scott
Song 15 - Stay Away by Randy Newman. Played by Joe
Song 16 - Quarantine by Outlaw. Played by Scott
Song 17 - Quarantine Together by The Drive By Truckers. Played by Joe
Song 18 - Bad Day by R.E.M. Played by Scott
Song 19 - Postcard by Steven Wilson. Played by Joe
Song 20 - Eat At Home by Paul McCartney. Played by Scott
Song 21 - I'm Tired Of Being Alone by Al Green. Played by Joe
Song 22 - Carry On Til Tomorrow by Badfinger. Played by Scott

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