We Are All In This Together, But We're Not All In the Same Boat


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Thu, 04/23/2020 - 5:30pm to 5:45pm
An Interview with Leah Klass


"We don't always communicate well with our neighbors and with the people in the places we frequent on a daily basis, whether it's schools or stores. I don't think we can assume right now that everyone's connected to the same websites or internet pages, and we're certainly not getting the same messages from all of our governors or leadership. I feel like there's there's a disparity of connectedness. And there are so many people who are alone going through this alone."


Suzanne LaGrande interviews Leah Klass, creative consultant, mother of two, neighbor who works with asylum seekers.In this interview Leah talks about:

  • A Typical day before the Quarantine
  • The New Normal during the Quarantine
  • Being with Kids 24/7
  • How it's hard on kids too
  • The Impact the Pandemic is having on Asylum Seekers
  • Finding Creative Solutions
  • How Not Everyone Is In The Same Boat
  • The Need for Human Connection

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