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Sun, 02/16/2020 - 8:30am to 9:00am
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Barry Vissell speaks with guest host Renee Beth Poindexter

Barry Vissell is the co-author of the book, Heartfullness: 52 Ways to Open to More Love, which he wrote with his wife Joyce Vissell. The Vissells’ books have been translated into five languages. They lecture and lead about 20 workshops per year internationally to audiences who welcome their warm, relaxed and yet profound wisdom. Joyce and Barry have written a monthly column for over 30 years, “New Dimensions of Relationship,” which they email for free to anyone. These articles also appear in about 80 print publications internationally, and countless e-zines, websites (including their own), and blogs. Ram Dass describes Joyce and Barry Vissell “as a couple who live the yoga of love and devotion.” Marianne Williamson says, “I can’t think of anything more important to the healing of our society than a connection between spirituality, relationship and parenthood. Bravo to the Vissells for helping us find the way.” Barry and Joyce are two people deeply in love since 1964, who have raised three children and “walk their talk.” They are the authors of The Shared Heart, Models of Love, Risk To Be Healed, The Heart’s Wisdom, Meant To Be, and A Mother’s Final Gift. A story from Meant To Be was made into a Sunday Night NBC Movie, “It Must Be Love,” starring real-life couple, Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. The Vissells, since 1983, are the founders and directors of the Shared Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the world one heart at a time (SharedHeart.org). Joyce and Barry live at their retreat center and home near Santa Cruz, California, where they counsel individuals and couples, and lead retreats and trainings when they’re not travelling. Go to SharedHeart.org to sign up for their free heartletter, to read past articles on many aspects of personal growth and relationship, to see their event or workshop schedule, or to contact Barry or Joyce.