From Beef Cattle Rancher to Animals Rights Activist and Rancher Advocate: Renee King-Sonnen


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Fri, 11/22/2019 - 10:00am to 10:30am
Renee and Tommy King-Sonnen.
Meet Renee King-Sonnen, sanctuary owner and rancher/farmer advocate.


Today, we have an inspiring tale to share with you as Noah Bristol speaks with Renee King-Sonnen. Renee and her husband Tommy are former beef cattle ranchers, who underwent a moral awakening as first Renee and then her husband began to realize that they could not continue to be a part of a business whose success depends on the slaughter of animals they loved--creatures who just wanted to be with their families and live out their lives in peace.

At first Renee's stubborn campaign against their family business seemed to threaten the integrity of their marriage and future together, but eventually she convinced her husband to sell her the whole herd. With the help of supporters around the world, she raised the funds to buy that herd and in 2015 started Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, the very first beef cattle ranch to convert to an animal sanctuary in Texas, in the United States, and very possibly in the world.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

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