How do we love leaves? And leaf mold? In many ways...and a lot!

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Wed, 11/13/2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Leaves are a great addition to most every garden. We know dozens of ways to utilize them.

"How do I love leaves? Let me count the ways." Host Glen Andresen offers his apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, but here at The Dirtbag, this is the season when we have leaves on our minds! Leaves  are cheap (OK, free), mostly easy to acquire, and are a valuable addition to most every garden. We'll discuss dozens of ways to use leaves, especially making and using leaf mold. Also, Jim Gilbert is back from Siberia and he will give us his report.

As always, we'll have a new Plant of the Month (phacelia); a new Garden Stumper; and define our Dirtbag Dictionary word, "glabrous." And, if we have time, what's annoying Glen this month.

The Dirtbag... Listen. Laugh. Learn.

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