The Coronation of the Corporation: American elections are officiallyy 'round-up ready'...res ipsa loquitor


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Thu, 01/21/2010 - 12:00am

In the aftermath of the 'Massachusetts Massacre', the Supreme Court revealed its true colors.  We now face branded elections that will make our past experience with Kampaign Kontribution Kapers look like a lemonade stand.  Yes, corporate money has the right to express itself in "the marketplace of ideas", as Justice Kennedy put it.  More 'marketplace', than 'ideas'.  And speaking of 'the marketplace', if WalMart ran for president, I have no doubt it would win.  Fox could play the Sarah Palin VP role  and Sarah Palin could run Fox, thus keeping the public/private revolving door spinning on its Evil Axis...

Bad Seed:  Down in the Willamette Valley, organic seed growers are going up against Monsanto's GMOnster Round-up Ready sugarbeets.  The litigation is just starting but the frankenfood is already in the wind...

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