The Politics of Living - Episode 31

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Wed, 09/04/2019 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Because life is political.


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Tave Fasce Drake - Peace, Love and Soup

Kristin Thiel - She Ra Solution

ML Laurie - Let’s Stop For A Minute

Vicky Mazzone - Interview with 

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Vicky Mazzone (Executive Producer & Web)

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Interview with editor Marika Lindholm.  Book title:  "We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humour"

Peace, Love and Soup: Contributing producer, Tave Fasce Drake, has a podcast with Co-Host Brian Delaney called Peace, Love and Soup. This September, they interviewed the Dara Snyder of YWCA of Greater Portland. They talked about the Y’s mission of Eliminating Racism and Empowering woman, specifically the Social Justice Program that Dara leads.  We must all get in the soup together and have difficult conversations to effect positive change in the world - particularly this month on September 21st - which is The international Day of Peace. To hear more, go to


The She-Ra Solution:

Hart, Maria Teresa. “She-Ra and the Fight Against the Token Girl.” The Atlantic, June 16, 2016.

SassyBlack. “Me and Mines (Cute Chicks).”

On Melitta Bentz: Moses, Claire. “Overlooked No More: Melitta Bentz, Who Invented the Coffee Filter.” New York Times, September 5, 2018.

Let’s Stop For A Minute:

ML lauri -



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