Trisha Swanson with Reason to Run at Coffee Creek

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Mon, 06/10/2019 - 6:30pm to 7:00pm
Trisha Swanson with CCCF Reason to Run

Emma Lugo talks with Trisha Swanson about the women's 5k running club, "Reason to Run" at Coffee Creek Women's Correctional Institution.  

Reason to Run is a non-profit organization that exists to create a culture of hope, connection, and community. Reason to Run Program at CCCF began in 2015.  Around 200 inmates have trained in the program and more than185 post-release run care packages (running shoes, bra, socks, etc.)  have been provided to women who are taking this practical training and implementing it into their life rhythms after ending their time at CCCF.

While the primary focus of the running program is physical fitness, participants are encouraged to explore how running positively impacts mental health, goal setting and accountability. All participants are encouraged to support and assist other group members to reach their goals.

The program entails weekly outdoor group training sessions (60 - 80 minutes) in which all participants are invited to attend. Training sessions occur in tandem with keeping a running journal and completing mid-week personal training goals.

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